10 Essential Things for Every Trekker


Out for an adventurous trek, yet puzzled with what to stuff the duffle bag with? Now trekkers can relax their tensor muscles since we are here with the essentials lexicon to serve better!

Trekking and camping always needs some extra attention owing to the incitation of the adrenaline rush. It is a lot different from most of the family trips and definitely overrides every bucket list. However, the most crucial point to always keep in mind is what to pack in. Therefore, the necessary assemblage has been listed for the convenience of not just trekkers but for day hikers too.

Hence, guide up with these 10 essential things for the next trip to a hinterland and experience a hustle free, joyful experience –

  • Maps and Compasses

Listed as the top necessity for any outing, maps and compasses are the first thing one should place safely inside their duffle bag. While exploring new places can be fun, reaching the right destination can as well be challenging. Hence, a compass and a topographic map to chart down the positions and get aware of the trails of water streams or an open meadow will always be helpful.

  • Pocket Knife

Spare up the smallest space in the duffle bag for the second- most crucial thing which is a pocket knife. It is that magic tool which is going to serve in all kinds of emergency situations. It can always be used to cut a chord, slice off cheese or any kind of eatery, open a can and much more. Hence, every trekker is advised to select an all- purpose pocket knife, facilitated with two blades, an opener, and also a mini screwdriver.

  • First Aid Kit

Listed as the third most essential thing, first aid kit is always useful for any kind of tour. Whether treating for a minor injury or a burn, first aid kit is needed to provide a primary treatment even for a major injury too.

  • Flashlight

Keeping a flashlight or a torch in one corner of the duffle bag can never disappoint. After sunset, headlamps or flashlights become the prime need during trekking or camping on a hinterland.

  • Clothes For Insulation

Since a new place is always full of surprises from the mother- nature, one should always carry some extra clothes for warming purposes or to save oneself from torrential rain, as the season of the campsite demands.

  • Matchsticks

Not every camping trip needs a campfire. It is the sole choice of the trekker to choose a comfortable shelter facilitated with proper meals. However, just like the other essential things, keeping a fire starter or a matchstick in the duffle bag will never go unused.

  • Sun Protection

While outdooring, the usual damage suffered by any out- goer is the damage from the sun. Thorough exposure to the sunrays can sometimes cause irreversible damage to the skin. Hence, one should always apply proper sunscreen before stepping out for the umpteenth adventure. Besides, sunglasses and caps should also be used whenever needed.

  • Sleeping Bag

Rolling up a sleeping bag to comfort the paining spine is always the best option. The campsite might not always be a cozy bed of grass, henceforth, carrying a sleeping bag which will be able to withstand deflection in temperature on both sides of the scale, is always recommended.

  • Quick- Drying Towel

Whether out for a swimming round or in for a shower in a hurry, it is advised to pack a quick- dry towel inside the duffle bag, instead of the normal ones since it dries up faster than the regular towels.

  • Nutrition and Hydration

Last but not the least, every trekker is advised to save some extra space for carrying some extra food in case of emergency. Also carry more than sufficient water for hydrating purpose as per the capacity, since one can never know the sources of availability in an unknown terrain.


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