10 Tips and Tricks to Age-Defying Fashion Style


Just because there’s a lot more candles on your birthday cake than there used to be doesn’t mean you have to give up your love of style and fashion. These ten tips will have you looking chic and elegant at any age!

  1. Classic vs Trendy

The biggest mistake women make when shopping is buying trendy clothing that will only last a season or two, and then never be worn again. Not only is this a waste of your money, but the clothing is likely cheap and ill-fitting, which isn’t doing you any favors. Invest in quality, classic pieces. They will outlast the seasonal fashion trends and flatter your body type–think clean, well-cut lines.

  1. Accessorize

If you love seasonal trends, you don’t have to necessarily give them up as you get older. The best way to embrace them is to channel them in accessories, rather than clothes. This way you’re spending a fraction of the amount and they’ll be more likely to last through to the next season. If florals are in, try a floral scarf or belt, which can always be reused.


  1. Comfort

A life-changing tip is to buy clothes that you feel comfortable in; we feel the need to contort our bodies into shape wear and skinny jeans, but the reality is if you feel uncomfortable, you’ll look uncomfortable and unhappy. Do yourself a favor and get in the habit of buying clothes that feel good to wear.

  1. Quality Jewelry

Your jewelry should be maturing with you as you age; ditch the cheap costume jewelry for classic, elegant pieces that you can wear for years to come, such as a chunky gold watch or classic diamond studs. Less is always more!

  1. Mind over Matter

One of the perks of aging is learning that it doesn’t really matter what people think of your style; with that in mind, you might feel more free to pull off sophisticated looks that you might have been too timid for in your 20s and 30s. Try rocking red lipstick during the day, jumpsuits with heels, or even stylish menswear. Whatever you do, just make sure you own it!

  1. Tailoring Clothing

The best trick to stylish clothes that last is to find a good, affordable tailor and get your new clothestailored to your specific body type. This might be as simple as raising the hem or shortening the sleeves of a blazer. Clothes that fit like they were made for you can make you feel so much more confident, and confidence is the key to looking great.

  1. Neutral Colors

Women love their black clothing; it’s slimming and easy to mix with anything. However, as you get older your skin tends to get more pale and have less of a glow. Black can actually further wash you out and make you look older. Try sticking to earthy neutrals, which are a flattering color for most skin types and body shapes.

  1. Add Shape

We tend to avoid tight clothing as we get older, and instead opt for shapeless blouses and loose pants. This can age us, making us look bigger than we are. Instead try picking clothing that has a defined shape, which will make you look trimmer and still stylish. A peplum blouse or an A-line dress are great options for giving you a built-in hourglass shape.

  1. Stick with What Works

By now, you’ve probably already figured out what your body type is andwhat styles work best to flatter it. If not, do a little research and find out what shapes and colors you should be wearing to make you look your best. For example, an apple shape would want to disguise their midsection by emphasizing their legs and shoulders. Low-slung pants, high-waisted skirts, and loose blouses will help draw attention away from your stomach while showcasing your best assets.

  1. Pare Down Your Closet

As you get older, you might find yourself purging your house and closets. We start to realize that most of the stuff we thought we needed is really just clutter. It’s the same with clothing: once you find quality, long-lasting pieces that make you feel good about yourself, you realize you only need half the clothes you thought you did in your 20s and 30s. You’ll save tons of money and time, no longer spending weekends searching for the perfect party dress or impulse buying a cute but impractical shirt. You’ll definitely save time in the morning when you don’t have to search your entire wardrobe for the shirt you want!


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