10 Trendy Ways To Punch Up Your Autumn Outfit With Silk Scarves


Scarves are for all seasons. While wool provides warmth and texture for winter, lighter fabrics such as silk and cotton will lift up your off-season fashion looks. As the summer Sun settles down and the autumn breeze catches up, are you ready for those in-between outfits, which are not too warm but enough for comfort.

Dazzling silk scarves are enough to zest up any autumn outfit and make it look like a million bucks. Adding a silk scarf to your outfit is a great way to accessorize your look. For the women who’ve not yet tried to flaunt their attire by scarves, here are some of the reasons why you should update your closet with a good selection of scarves for women and be on the lookout for new ways to wear them.

Why wear a scarf?

A good selection of silk scarves can:

  • add a pop of color to your personal style
  • transform the simplest outfit into high fashion
  • perfectly complement casual, business and evening wear
  • be tied and draped in so many ways and places
  • keep you chic and comfortable through every season

After scouring the Internet, I found that scarves are the most versatile statement accessories for women all over the world. Nonetheless, many of you may wonder how to wear scarves in autumn so that they are neither too warm nor too overwhelming especially if they are luscious silk chiffon scarves. So, I’m here with an arsenal of scarf looks to master the trend before autumn. Here are some of the trendy ways to wear silk scarves for the coming season:

  1. Wrap up your scarf once around the neck leaving it untied; hanging loose on both the sides. Drape your scarf over a blazer or a jacket, and this will give an unstudied feel.
  1. Pin up your scarf with a broach or ring clip to make you look extra vintage. The style reflects a simple pendant necklace look.
  1. Toss one side of your scarf over your shoulder and unfold the front to create extra volume.
  1. Tie a knot once on the side of your neck, allowing one side of your scarf drape over your front and the other side over your back.
  1. Wrap up your scarf around your neck once and then, tie both the ends in the front.
  1. Give up an infinity look by draping your scarf loosely around the neck.
  2. Set up a Babushka look with a scarf having a cheerful look. Tie a headscarf under the chin, like those traditionally worn by Russian women.
  1. Drape the bulk of your scarf in front to have a western-inspired look.
  1. Swap out your necklace and tie a scarf lower to the neckline.
  1. Tie the scarf as a headband, keeping wider in the back and placing the knot in front; then tuck the ends in.

These have been my personal go-to looks to wear the silk scarves. Other than these ways, scarves can be tied as a waist belt, a large headband, on your wrist, with a bag’s strap or simply a classic and romantic style, it is also perfect to add a pop of soft color to any of your black outfits.

Pick up the lightweight scarves such as an AshleeEllenDesign silk chiffon scarf which are classic and romantic. It’s time for you to be trendy with the silk scarves! However, give your autumn outfit an extra punch, regardless of your style.


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