3 Great Tips on Styling the Bridesmaid Dresses on Curve-friendly Women


No matter how close you are with your girl-squad and how much you have your common shared beliefs and viewpoints in life when it comes to your physical appearance, it cannot be the same. Your ideals, beliefs, and philosophies may be exact clones of each other but your bodies aren’t. And it shouldn’t be so. After all, each of you have a unique special quality that marks your individuality. You should totally embrace it and flaunt it to the world. But that can create a bit of a problem when you have to be each other bridesmaids at your weddings.

Going by the traditional way, a bridesmaid dress is same for everyone. However, if you deviate a little from traditions and look at the trends, then you will see that even though the color palette may remain same for the bridesmaid dresses, there is sometimes a large variety in the style and cuts of the dresses. While some pull off a blush-pink sweeping-the-floor off-shoulder gown, the other slays the same blush-pink in a boat-neck or sweetheart neckline. Voila! Now you can give your bridesmaids the cohesiveness this look demands as well as something that would flatter their individual body-types. One of the most complicated body-frames is the ones that are not the heavier side.

So, here we have a few tips for choosing the style of dresses that will complement the curvy-ladies.


Plump or curvy women are of different kinds. The pear-shaped body is one which carries weight on the back and thighs. However, the waist and bust area are in proper shape. So, if you have a bridesmaid who has a pear shaped body, you should choose a strapless style, A-line dress for her. This kind of dress will cinch her waist while covering the back and thighs, perfectly flaunting those arms and waistline to die for! This will balance out the proportions properly and create an hourglass silhouette.

Busty Shape

Anything in excess is never desirable. So, if you have a huge bust area while the rest of the body is in shape, it might look odd. However, you have no option but to style your busty friend because after all, she is your bridesmaid. Large busted woman generally should stay away from sleeveless or strapless dresses, unless one is supported by a good corset and the dress gives no hint of the cleavage. You are the bride and you certainly shouldn’t want all the eye-grabbing attention towards your friend and that too, not in a tasteful manner. Go for a scoop neck, cross over neckline, or one shoulder dress that properly covers the bust area and creates a uniform look throughout, and at the same time are supportive and classic enough to add every tinge of elegance on your lovely bridesmaid.


The third kind you are likely to come across amidst the curvy-friendly women is the apple-shaped. Well, an apple shaped body is one with the bulkier middle portion. So, what you have to do is draw attention away from the middle area and emphasize on the bust. Apple-shaped bodies have a great bust and they shouldn’t hold back in flaunting it. Plunging necklines, v-necks or A-line dresses to lengthen the body, can perfectly highlight the bust-line. And also, focus on the great legs. Short numbers look beyond flattering on an apple-shaped body and team it up with high-heels. Apart from that, you should try dresses with elevated waistlines, an empire waist dress, a wrap dress that emphasizes on the v-neckline, or a shift dress that falls straight down and is not baggy.

So, no matter how curvy your gang of divas is, there is a dress for everyone. Start looking for the perfect provider of short or long bridesmaid dresses that complement the curvaceous ladies amazingly.

Author Bio: Ken Adams, a fashion blogger, here gives us a few tips on how to style the short or long bridesmaid dresses on your curve-friendly bridesmaids.


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