3 Tape-In Hair Extension Care Mistakes


Here are three common tape-in hair extension mistakes that you should avoid to make sure your final results using tape-in extensions look absolutely amazing! Tape hair extensions are hassle-free and non-damaging, but only if applied correctly.

Your Hairstylist is Not Certified

It is essential that the person who is installing your hair extensions is experienced and certified. Installing tape-in hair extensions in a way is a real art. There is a technique for applying hair extensions. If your hairstylist has not been appropriately trained in this technique, then your great hair day can turn into a terrible mistake.

Education like all things is the key to success. If your stylist isn’t well trained, you could end up having terrible damage to your natural hair, pain and a lopsided hair disaster.  It is always important that you ensure your natural hair is healthy in addition to your tape-in extensions. This all begins with a hair stylist who is educated on the product and installation technique.

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Wrong Technique is Applied

There are two kinds of methods that are used depending on your natural hair. Do you have thin hair? Don’t worry too much because there’s a method perfect for you. If you have fine or very thin hair and you’re constantly thinking that the weight of the hair extension will be too heavy on your head, stop stressing because there are options for you!

The single-sided technique is for individuals whose real hair can’t support the weight of two wefts. This mistake is very common, especially with tape hair extensions. If you think that your hair requires the single-sided tape method simply because you think that it cannot support the weight of two wefts, then it can be very damaging to your natural hair and cause breakage.

Just remember that just because you have thin hair, that doesn’t mean you have to use this particular method. This is merely just an alternative that’s available for individuals with hair that is damaged or very brittle.

Poor Placement Method

The placement of tape-in extensions is another common mistake. Proper placement could mean all the difference between hair loss and a headache and a successful installation and the best extension experience.

One very common mistake is that the hair extensions are applied way too close to the scalp. If the tape extensions are put too close to the root of the hair, the extension will not be able to move, and this will cause way too much friction from your scalp and the root of the natural hair; creating pain and major scalp irritation.

To prevent this from happening, make sure that the tape tab is placed approximately a quarter of an inch away from the root of the natural hair.


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