3 Tips When Shopping for Maternity Clothes


You’ve just discovered that you are carrying a bundle of joy in your womb and you are now going through all the notions of pregnancy. Aside from physiological and hormonal changes that you might have noticed, your physique is most likely also morphing to accommodate your growing baby. That being said, you do not need for a fashion panic just yet as there are several options to shop for pregnancy wear both online and offline.

But before you fill your shopping cart on a hormonal whim, here are a few points to consider when shopping for maternity clothes:

  • Listen to your body. It might be tempting to start buying your first set of maternity wear the moment the pregnancy kit confirms a positive result. As it has always been said, every pregnancy is unique. So keep an eye out for telltale signs that your body will send you once it’s time to hit the maternity clothing section. On the average, though, at about the second trimester, you should probably be scouting for maternity wear. Once you notice your baby bump peeking and your pants can no longer be buttoned, it will be high time to consider a change of wardrobe.
  • Consider your style. Your fashion sense and style will definitely be as unique as your pregnancy. Keep this in mind as you plan what clothes you intend to buy. If you are the sporty and on-the-go type, consider leggings and ruched tops for ultimate versatility and comfort. Still into jeans? You can either get maternity jeans or convert your existing ones to mom jeans through belly bands.
  • Seek out what’s in season. As with any other clothing need, dressing up for pregnancy means taking into consideration the weather and climate in your area. If your pregnancy stretch falls during the winter season, then seek maternity clothes with fabric that offer extra warmth. If, however, your trimesters fall during the hotter months, choose clothes that are loose and made out of cotton material. Ultimately, find clothes with a style and make that will provide for your body’s comfort.


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