4 Points to Remember as Your Baby Takes Her First Steps


Watching their baby walking for the first time is a great joy for parents. If you are eagerly waiting to witness the golden moment and are wondering when your baby would walk, here’s some useful information for you.

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1. When do Babies Start Walking?

Most babies start walking from 9 to 12 months and walk well by 14th or 15th month. If your child is taking longer than this, don’t worry.

Some children with no physical fault in them start walking at 16th or 17th month. Remember that during the first year of her age, your baby is developing muscle strength and coordination.

She will learn sitting, rolling over and crawling before progressing to pulling up and standing at around 9 months. After that, she tries to gain balance and confidence.

2. How do Babies Learn Walking?

Legs of your newborn are not strong enough to bear his weight. Still, if you hold him upright, he will try to push his feet against a hard surface as if he is walking.

By around 6 months, he will be excited to bounce up and down when you hold him upright on your thighs.

At this age, bouncing in this way will be his favourite activity for around a couple of months, as his leg muscles have developed even more while he has mastered sitting, rolling over and crawling.

3. Walking Timeline

At around 9 months, your baby will perhaps begin trying to pull herself up to stand taking support of furniture or other objects. Make sure these objects are heavy enough to offer proper support.

At around the 10th month, your baby will start figuring out how to sit after standing by bending her knees which is quite difficult.

At around 12 months, she will start cruising, i.e. she will move from one piece of furniture to the other for support. And she may even let go and stand with no support.

By this time, your baby will perhaps even stoop and squat. Once she is able to do that, she can perhaps scoop up a toy while standing or taking steps. A shop like https://www.tinytinyshopshop.com.au/, you can provide her plenty of quality toys.

Your baby may even walk holding your hand, although she may not take her first steps alone for a few more weeks at least. Most kids take early strides on tiptoe while their feet are turned outward.

At around 12 months, most toddlers walk by themselves although not steadily. If your kid is not doing that, there is nothing to worry about. It only means that he will take a little longer for that.

Image Courtesy: tinytinyshopshop.com.au

4. Helping Your Baby to Walk

Encourage your toddler to walk by kneeling or standing before him and spreading out your hands. You can also hold both her hands and let her walk towards you.

She may even enjoy baby walking toys from Tiny Tiny Shop Shop that she can hold while walking.

Your baby’s first steps are something that you should thoroughly enjoy. Be patient and take full pleasure in them.


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