5 Mistakes To Avoid While Choosing Wedding Flowers – By Florists


Finding a perfect floral design for your wedding can be a tough job. It’s not expected that you be an omniscient and have in-depth knowledge about flowers to be able to make such choices. You just need to hire a good florist and trust them.

Couples often start looking for floral designs online and go to a local London florist to tell them what they’d want their wedding floral arrangement to look like. Coordinating with the florist is very important part of the whole selection exercise. Here are a few mistakes that couples make while choosing flowers and the floral arrangement that every florist would want them to know:

  1. Saying no spot on

There are couples who come to a florist saying they don’t want many floral arrangements and want to fill places with other decorative objects like candles. Though this sounds different, not all ‘different’ things look good. A certain amount of flowers are always needed to set the ambiance right. Flowers give a soft and soothing touch to a place. You should listen to the florist and use your imagination before you deny their proposal.

  1. Trying to replicate the design

Looking for floral designs on the internet is good, but being a realist is the key. Do not be rigid to replicate a design you saw on the internet. A florist knows which design is practical and which one won’t go for long. Trust them and their experience. You can ask them why the design is not practical but should trust their knowledge and experience.

  1. Not being flexible

Not all flowers bloom round the year. If you liked a flower on your friend’s wedding, it is possible that it isn’t available in the month you have decided to tie the knots. A florist knows which flowers are available at which location and at what time of the year. One good thing about flowers is, many flowers have doppelgangers. You can choose a flower that looks nearly the same to replace the one that is unavailable or is costing you an arm and a leg. You should thus be flexible with the choices of flowers.

  1. Choosing flowers without considering the theme

Sometimes couple comes up with a “stunning” floral idea that doesn’t go with the theme. After you select the venue of your wedding and the theme, it is important to stick to it. Even if you get the design created and place it where you want it, and even if the design looks good on its own, the fact that it doesn’t go with the theme will always supersede all. A florist has the imagination to foresee how the concomitant will look like.

  1. Assuming flowers are needed everywhere

The floral budget should be well utilized on the decorations that get the most attention. Couples should not wastefully fill every corner of the place with flowers. When the event space gets filled with people, many of those designs might not be visible. Be clear on what your budget it and allot the major chunks to the main decorations.

When you look at many decorations, it is possible that you get exhausted and end up selecting the one that’s below par. Remember to stick with the theme that you have selected. A theme will help you in deciding many things in a wedding. Explain the theme to the florist very eloquently. This will also help them in giving you more relevant ideas.

It is important that you choose a good florist. Make sure the florist has enough experience in making the floral arrangements that are relevant to the theme that you have selected.


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