5 Reasons You Need Vitamins for Your Hair


5 Reasons Why Hair Vitamins Are Necessary

When trying to grow our hair out, we often hear advice telling us to use less styling heat tools on our hair, to refrain from coloring our hair as much (especially if we bleach it), and even to wash our hair less to preserve the hair’s strengthening, natural oils. Sometimes, friends may tell us that they recommend a certain external hair product, reporting that it left his or her hair soft, yet strong. However, one of the biggest hair strengthens comes from within, as it arrives from the actual health of your body, fed by nutritious vitamins. Hair vitamins are necessary for the health of your hair because they promote healthy hair growth, allow the scalp to get proper blood circulation, increase the elasticity of hair, build stronger hair follicles, and nourish the hair.

Vitamins and Healthy Hair                                                                                                          

To have a healthy head of hair, you must have a healthy intake of nutritious vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, many people don’t get the recommended servings of the vitamins and minerals necessary for hair growth from their daily diet; fortunately, vitamin supplements can give you the key nutrients for building healthy hair. Some of the most essential vitamins for healthy hair growth include vitamins A and D, as these vitamins are responsible for delivering antioxidants to the hair. Vitamin A is also necessary for promoting growth of the hair, as well as creating sebum (a hair oil derived from the scalp), which moisturizes the hair. Vitamin D helps prevent hair loss, as deficient levels of vitamin D can lead to losing your hair. To read more about these vitamins, click here so you can check out more about how they affect your hair. More information regarding hair vitamins and their impact on your luscious locks can be found below.

Hair Vitamins and Blood Circulation to the Scalp

For hair growth to occur, it’s important that the scalp receives an adequate blood flow. The vitamin Niacin (B3) is known to help deliver proper circulation to the scalp; HAIRFINITY Healthy Hair Vitamins has 25% of your daily value of Niacin. More information about HAIRFINITY Healthy Hair vitamins can be found at their online hair shop. Although Niacin is essential for healthy scalp circulation, it is also important for other areas of health. For example, a deficiency in Niacin can lead to fatigue and digestive issues. However, too much Niacin can lead to skin lesions. Luckily, HAIRFINITY Healthy Hair Vitamins provide a healthy dosage of Niacin, allowing the scalp to have the blood flow required for optimal hair health. More information about Niacin and its effects on the body can be found here.

Hair Elasticity Promoted by Hair Vitamins

Although hair needs proper dosages of vitamins that promote hair growth, as well as an adequate amount of blood flow to the scalp, the hair also needs to be elastic to prevent breakage. Your scalp could have great circulation and your hair could be growing fast, but if it keeps breaking due to a lack of elasticity, hair will be prevented from lengthening and looking healthy due to excessive breakage. Thankfully, there is a vitamin that can help give hair the elasticity it needs, and that vitamin is Biotin. The vitamin Biotin is also responsible for producing keratin, a protein essential for healthy hair. In HAIRFINITY’s Healthy Hair Vitamins, 833% (2500 mcg) of your daily recommended intake value can be found! That’s a lot of Biotin for two small capsules, resulting in hair that has greater elasticity and a lower risk of breaking. Don’t we all want hair that is resistant to hair breakage?

Hair Vitamins Build Stronger Hair Follicles

It is important to note that that to prevent hair breakage, there is more to the equation than just hair elasticity, as the hair follicles must be strong as well. To build strong hair follicles, hair vitamins can help do the job. Specifically, vitamin B12 has the job of delivering oxygen to the scalp; not only does B12 deliver the necessary oxygen to the scalp, but it also delivers the nutrients we have been talking about thus far! B12 is also known for its energetic characteristic, as many individuals take B12 for a more alert, active sense of well-being. B12 can also be found in HAIRFINITY’s Healthy Hair Vitamins, as a serving size of two capsules contains 20 mcg of B12, which is 333% of your daily recommended intake. Pantothenic acid is also present in the Healthy Hair Vitamins created by HAIRFINITY, as 100 mg (1000% of your recommended daily value) are in a serving size. Pantothenic acid is also responsible for building hair follicles that are tough and mighty. Strong hair follicles and increased energy? That sounds like the perfect duo to me!

How Vitamins Nourish the Hair

The 5th reason why hair vitamins are necessary for healthy hair growth is that the vitamins nourish hair effectively. Without the proper nourishment, hair may look dull, break, or even fall out. It isn’t too hard to obtain the vitamins that nourish your hair, as they can be found in consumable capsules. However, it is important that you know what to look for in these hair vitamin capsules, as some vitamins are better than others. When searching for your optimal vitamin, you should check the bottle’s label to see if it includes the vitamins previously mentioned, as well as these key vitamins and minerals (which HAIRFINITY Hair Vitamins include):

  • Amino acids
  • MSM
  • Silica
  • Horsetail

Amino acids are the protein in the hair’s building blocks, while MSM is responsible for building new hair strands (say hello to more hair)! MSM has other benefits including improved gut health and lowering joint pain; more information about MSM can be seen here, where you can find out more about this great hair supplement. As you can see, these hair growth vitamins are quite beneficial to more than just your hair.



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