6 reasons why women should opt for dry haircuts


There are no rules that govern cutting of hair. Your hairstylist can choose to cut your hair wet or dry. Most barbers prefer to cut wet hair, as it is more popular. However, a dry haircut tends to give better results for a majority of hairstyles. The guidelines mentioned below will help you understand why a dry cut is ideal for you.

Wavy and curly hair

A dry hair cut will give you the best results, especially for women who have wavy, curly hair. This is because the stylist will easily note the areas that need cutting and dicing. This cannot be possible if your hair is wet. This is because the hairdresser will have a difficult time cutting the hair because of the uneven curls as the hair strands lie on top of each other.

Saves on time

 A dry haircut will save you loads of time that you can put to excellent use. This is especially true if you need a quick shave due to time constraints. Furthermore, you will get a cleaner haircut. In addition, dry haircuts enable you to immediately see the results. Ensure that you always settle for a stylist who is experienced in dry haircuts for best results.

Personalized look

A dry haircut involves a lot of details and not just dealing with split ends. Your stylist must take his/her time to assess your hair strands so that they can determine the movement and texture of your hair. This will result in a hair cuttery near me that suits your natural face that you will be wearing for a few days or weeks.

Suits thin, brittle hair

Wet hair tends to be elastic and fragile and is susceptible to breaking when combing. This will result in an uneven cut and you will also lose lots of hair during the cutting process. However, a dry cut is ideal for thin hair because only a few strands will be shed. This is an important aspect especially for women who are concerned about hair loss.

Prevents more disappointments

When handling wet hair, it usually appears longer because it stretches when wet. This is particularly true for people who have curly hair. When having a dry haircut, your stylist will just cut the right amount of hair depending on the style that you want. Therefore, the end result is what you will have after the barber is done. This is unlike wet cuts that can give a different result after the hair is dried out completely.

You still get your hair wash

Having a dry hair cut does not mean that you will not get your luxurious and fulfilling hair wash at the salon. Some facilities will wash your hair, dry it and then cut it while dry. Others will cut your dry hair, wash it and then style it to your desired cut.

Dry hair cutting is not the norm in most salons and barbershops. Therefore, you must ensure that you get a hairstylist that has done dry haircuts before. This way, you will be confident that you are dealing with a professional who knows what they are doing. Furthermore, you will get the best haircut without any future regrets.

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