7 Unique Ways of Designing Your Wedding’s Floral Arrangement


The wedding day is the most important day for the bride and the bridegroom and it needs to be complemented with special and unique floral designs right? You don’t want your wedding to be boring and have clinched floral arrangements. Herein below are the ideas that will make your wedding look as special as you yourself are.

Doing wedding flowers is the most important thing as they will remain an epicenter of your wedding in the wedding photos. It is, therefore, important to do them with utmost care. You need to book a wedding florist who has specialized in this and order wedding flowers online as soon as you decide on the date and the venue.

Read the latest, stylish and chic ways to decorate your wedding with. Following is a list of 7 floral arrangement that can add jaw-dropping aesthetics to your wedding:


  1. Flower Backdrop

Let the flowers and the greenery make a flower wall. The flower backdrop is very new and has become a thing in classy weddings. This makes a great selfie spot for the guests too. Use more of the greenery than flowers and try to make a simple design from them.


  1. Garland-Draping Ceiling

If you have decided to have an outdoor wedding and having a tent is on your mind, you can decorate the support beams of the tent by lush green garland. You can choose ivy greenery and amaranthus flower spray for this to make it look natural and add classiness to it.


  1. Floral Fountain

Nothing makes a place more romantic than a fountain that is decorated with hydrangea and greenery. You can place some water lilies in the pool that will make it look very exquisite too. The floral fountain will also keep the flowers from dying. Make sure that the flowers are sturdy so that they don’t get weak mid-way.


  1. Floral pom-poms

This is yet another good idea for your outdoor wedding as floral pom poms hanging from a tree will make your wedding look fairy tale-ish! Let them be of different sizes and slightly different color, this will actually make it appear like something natural and mysterious.


  1. Floral Chandeliers

Make chandeliers with flowers, let them hang along with the lighting. Connect the various chandeliers with greenery to make them look like one. Make sure that these are at a certain height that is higher than 9 feet (when the flower is hanging), so that it does not hinder movement of the guests.


  1. Hanging Potted Plants

Let potted plants hang on the sides and add dramatic look to the wedding. Since these plants are in the pots, they will not die and hence you can re-use them for long and they will remain fresh too. You can order them for earlier ceremonies too.


  1. Floating Floral

If your wedding venue involves a pool, you can try a floating motif of your name made of flower and the bed made of roses. You can even add candles on it to make it look more romantic. The floating bed is a creative way to show how beautiful you two look together.

You can try many more designs by yourself since the floral arrangement is one way you can unleash your creativity in. Make sure the flowers go well with the theme of the wedding. You must book an appointment with the florist as early as possible and explain to them what design is on your mind. Assign floral arrangement duty to a friend so that you don’t get busy on the most special day. And don’t worry, everything will be fine!


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