A Forty-Something’s Guide to Looking Gorgeous at the Beach This Summer


Summer is still months away but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t start preparing for it now. Women in their 40s sometimes feel intimidated by the idea of wearing a bikini at the beach. But you can still look absolutely fantastic in a sexy swimsuit even if you’re over 40.

Find swimwear that fits you.

When browsing online shopping sites, the key is to find a swimsuit that fits your body. So if you’re a size 16 now, don’t buy size 12 or size 14 items in the hopes that you’ll regain for former physique from 5 years ago.

Make a few changes to your diet.

Some women are tempted to go on a crash diet a few weeks before summer so they can fit into their old swimsuits. But even if you manage to lose 10 pounds, they’ll all come right back after you’ve finished your diet program.

But, by making a few small changes to your diet, the effects are more long-lasting. You can, for example, eliminate soda and beer from your diet completely. Or perhaps, try not to munch on some snacks a few hours before bedtime. Even replacing your lunch sandwich with a delicious salad can help you cut a few inches off your waistline if you do it consistently from now until summer and beyond.


Looking good in a bikini doesn’t just mean losing weight. You should also keep your skin smooth and young-looking. You can do this through gentle and regular exfoliation. Before stripping down into your bikini, get a good exfoliator and use it all over your body. Once you’re done, put some shea butter on your skin.

  1. Get rid of cellulite.

If you’re in your 40s, then chances are you have some cellulite. Fortunately, there are natural cellulite creams you can buy which contain ingredients that have been proven to reduce or even eliminate cellulite. Try placing them on your body and see if the appearance of your cellulite improves after a few weeks.

  1. Get rid of body hair.

Hair removal is a must if you want to look fabulous this summer. Get rid of hair on your bikini area, legs and arms should be done a few days before you head to the beach.

  1. Accessorize.

Apart from wearing bikinis that fit you, you should also get accessories that will further enhance your “beach look.” You can buy flip-flops, a sarong, a pair of earrings, a pair of sunglasses that fit your face shape and even a foldable beach lounger.

  1. Finally, be confident.

In the end, the most crucial ingredient to looking good is to actually feel confident about yourself. A positive self image is vital to your enjoyment this summer.


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