A General Introduction to Dr. Martens Shoes


Dr. Martens, also commonly known as Doctor Martens, Doc Martens, Docs or Dms, is a well known British footwear and clothing brand in the marketplace.

The whole affair started when a German by the name of Klaus Martens, who was a doctor during world war 2, started to design air cushioned sole for shoes. It began after he wanted to get a comfortable pair of boots to wear while healing from an injured ankle, which were extremely uncomfortable in his regulation army boots.

The designs that he had created weren’t an immediate commercial success to a large extent. It wasn’t untol Dr. Herbert Funck, a friend of his teamed up with him that they were able to create a footwear business that would gain a customer base in the market place.

Initially, the customer base were middle aged German women, who found the products to be very much comfortable, practical as well as durable. The other demographics like youngsters, rebel pop stars or anyone else formed a minority of the customer base for the company. The others of course, became a part of the company’s ever growing customer base as time passed by.

With the establishment of the company and an increase in sales, the production of the boots at Seeshaupt expanded and a second manufacturing plant was opened in Munich subsequently.

As the company sought to expand itself across the borders of Germany, Martens and Funck explored markets across Europe, when they came into contact with the British shoe manufacturers Griggs, which not only saw an opportunity for the boots but were so convinced on the idea that they purchased the patent rights to produce the footwear in the UK. This was the beginning of the modern day footwear of Dr. Martens.

With the start of the manufacture of the signature boots in the UK, it wasn’t long before the product took off across the market. As the years have passed by, the brand has gained a prominent place in the overall British marketplace and left a signature impact on the consumers, with the product quality as well as the legacy that it holds.

Dr.Martens has over the years become a rallying cry and a medium of expression as well as an icon in numerous scene.

The boots have today become the footwear of choice among various groups across British society. The 1960s saw them being adopted by the skinheads.

As time passed by, during the 1980s, they became very much popular among such demographics like scooter riders, new wave musicians, members of various youth subcultures, etc.

Over the years, the brand has gone mainstream and surpassed the limitations that it earlier used to have with regard to appeal and allure.

Today, the shoes are popular across all demographic groups and the company continues to gain entry and foothold in new markets.

The product which was initially designed by a German doctor trying to treat his injured leg, has become a phenomenon and a major market force in the footwear industry. Judging by the company’s overall performance and reception with the consumers, it looks like Dr. Martens is here to stay in the marketplace and its products on shelves for a very long time to come. Click here on Spartoo for more detail.


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