Accessories that can make you stand out

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Many fashion savvy people know that clothing always comes with the perfect and sometimes not so perfect accessory. If you leave your home without at least one type of accessory, then you’ll not look properly dressed, at least if you live in Europe or in some urban high fashion city like New York or Paris. The business dress code in some countries is still very formal and conservative.

Skirts and jackets are worn as clothing with their own merit, but any outfit can be accessorized with a pair of knee high socks or a studded belt that seems to always be in fashion. It really will make a difference when you add those earrings and matching necklace to that dress you’ll be wearing to that cocktail party next week.

Accessories Come In All Forms

Many people will be looking towards you as you enter that Halloween party to make sure your accessories match, but not many people really care since they want to be spooked out rather than care about your costume. Their eyes will be peeled on you to make sure your everything looks good next time you wear that tuxedo. If you are a woman, make sure you are wearing those fancy costume jewelry bangles you purchased the other day for added charm to that log elegant gown you will be wearing. Remember you always need accessories that will make you stand out.

It is a known fact to all retail salespeople that accessories are what make an ensemble or overall look standout on their client. So no wonder they pamper you wherever you go into their store! Look at those earrings with that shirt! Bracelets and scarves make an outfit stand out. That silver necklace completes the gorgeous dress!

Accessories give definition to a personal style and that’s what they’re for. Here are some pieces that you shouldn’t leave the house without:

A Timepiece: The Watch

Even though most people look at the time on their phones these days or on their computers or tablets, it’s always nice to wear a chic watch on your wrist. It may not be useful to wear a fancy watch, but depending on the size, band color and face, it can compliment your outfit.

What’s in an Ear Cuff?

Create an impressive effect and look glamorous with those pieces that cling to your ear. There’s no need to pierce your ears for that either. You’ll look beautiful and be the talk of the party. Your girlfriends will want to know where you got that dynamic duo rose gold leaf ear cuffs you’re wearing.

Necklaces and Bow Ties

These types of accessories have to be worn at a formal party. A diamond necklace with matching diamond ear studs will look ravishing on any woman even if they are only made from crystal. The bow tie, however, has to stay neat and trim under that fancy shirt collar otherwise you will look messy. Red lipstick looks very elegant on any woman who is wearing matching nail polish on her fingernails and toes. Classy couple all the way!

Cool Sunglasses and Rhinestone Rim Eye-wear

Everyone has to have a great pair of shades! All drivers and walkers by are wearing their favorite pair of eye-wear, but now you can have several favorite pairs of shades for all your outings and beach parties. Oh! Look at that one; it’s got a tortoiseshell frame. Pair up your sunglasses with your mood… are you blue, or green or yellow today?

Bags, Purses, Wallets, Clutches and More….

Does your beaded vinyl purse match those aqua sandals you bought the other day?

This accessory is a must so that you can carry all your stuff around with you! Some come in a metallic mesh of gold and silver, others are womens tote bags. Some are even made from leather or faux fur. Carry that tote with that colorful feather fabric with you next time you go to the store and throw in your wallet, eye-wear, and scarf. Remember how snazzy you looked with that clutch last New Year’s Eve? Bags must go with you wherever you go. You can’t live without them.

Fancy Hats and Simple Scarves

You can sure look cute with that beanie, beret or fedora you chose with those new jeans and that turquoise cashmere sweater outfit you put together. Today is bad hair day and that’s why you need to cover your locks. Are you going out for a ride next to the ocean in Malibu with that 1930’s Jaguar convertible again? You must wear that multicolored scarf to protect your hairdo from those hot ocean winds. Any outfit looks good with a scarf around your neck. You can even wrap a scarf around your shoulders to protect yours from getting sunburnt.

Gold Bracelets and Rings With Stones

Rings always make a statement. If its a band on the left finger that means you are taken in most cases to the observer. It’s an accessory that makes people decide whether they want to come up and make a conversation or let you go your merry way. The elegance of a ring is always there no matter what it’s made from and no matter on what finger it’s being worn. Bracelets can also be worn by both men and women.

Around the world, in all cultures and societies, men and women alike use adornments as accessories in order to complete the overall look of their costume or outfit. It’s an added touch that needs to be there especially if a person wants to make a good impression. Anyone can create their own unique look with the accessory they select for their outfit. It’s that personal touch that means so much to those looking on.

There’s a wide range of accessories anyone can select from to make up a meaningful theme on a daily basis when you get dressed whether you are a teacher, a businessman, a store manager, a hairstylist, a barista, a dentist, or nurse. It’s those little-added touches to your overall look that are known as accessories. It almost doesn’t matter if they are worn with a uniform or doctor’s white coat. It’s your choice to make that accessory pick whenever you get dressed.


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