Add Remy Extensions to Volumise Your Hair


If you want to change the way you look, you can meet your beauty goals by adding extensions. However, you have to make sure the extensions are made of premium remy hair. Remy hair for extensions is human hair human hair that is processed with care. The cuticles are processed in the same direction to avoid tangling. The hair is also coloured to ensure that the strands for the extensions stay in place.

The Advantages of Using Remy Hair

Premium remy hair therefore offers the following advantages:

  • The hair will not deteriorate after it is washed.
  • The extensions normally last between 6 and 15 months.
  • Only the best remy European grade 5A double-drawn strands are used.
  • The hair is ethically sourced, following the European standard–coming from a variety of locales, including Russia and Mongolia.

Maintaining Your New Look

In order to maintain remy hair extensions in Plymouth, clients normally visit the salon every two months. Maintenance applies to a full-head or half-head of extensions. Full and half-head extensions are featured in micro-ring and wefted styles.

Never Choose Extensions That Feature Non-remy Hair

Never go to a salon that features non-remy hair, as the hair is not manufactured with the same diligence or excellence. Therefore, the effect is not the same from the standpoint of looks or care. Remy hair is in shorter supply. However, it is the preferred hair to use in an extension. If you want to beautify your look, make sure your extensions are comprised of remy hair.



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