Bag The Bargain: Shopping For Women’s Bags Online


Have you never shopped for a woman’s bag online? It’s really easy to do – just follow our lead.

It is (jokingly) often said that the only reason most women’s clothing does not have pockets is that designers could sell bags to women. Jokes apart, bags are a necessary fashion accessory for all women. They are objects of mystery that hold practically everything a woman needs – her wallet, phone, makeup, lunch box, water, tissue paper, stationery, you name it! And so, every woman needs a good bag to not just hold her stuff, but to flaunt as well.

If you have never purchased a bag online before, here’s how you do it:

* Shop during sales. The best time to pick a really great bargain on women’s bags – or indeed, any bag – is during festive sale times. Lately, online shopping apps like Jabong have frequent discounts and sales all year round, on the best brands like Caprese bags. Not only do you get the chance to buy a stunning new Caprese bag, you also get it at a fabulous price. The easiest way to stay above all the sale dates is to download a good shopping app on your phone. That way, you will be alerted before the sale kicks off and you can buy some really cool new bags.

* Pick the type. Now that you’ve flicked the shopping app open to pick a new bag, it’s time to browse the collection listed on there. Start by setting filters on your search – set the budget range, colour, material and type of bag (messenger, clutch, rucksack, etc.) This helps streamline your search and gets you looking at only the relevant types instead of going through the entire exhaustive collection. For instance, you can specify that you want to look at Caprese bags, and also see if any discounts are being offered on the same.

* Examine the material and make. After you click on a bag you really like, study its specs. The app lists all the details about the bag – material, type of closure (zipped/magnet/tie up, etc.), colour options, manufacturer details, etc. Also check all the featured photographs to get an idea of what the bag really looks like. Once you are convinced that it is the perfect bag to buy, you can proceed to checkout. Else, check the app’s recommendations for similar bags from the same brand or at a similar price.

* Check the app’s returns and exchange policy. Before paying for your new bag, take a minute to study the app’s returns and exchange policy. You will normally be given a month or 15 days to return the purchased bag, with the online store refunding your money in about a week. Do check if the app mentions any specific actions on your part before initiating the refund – keep the tags on, retain the packaging, etc. Be sure to initiate the refund or exchange as quickly as possible after taking delivery of the same.


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