Bespoke Cufflinks Make The Ultimate Fashion Statement For Men


If you want to wear cufflinks properly, you need to know how and when to wear these accessories. You can wear cufflinks about anytime you like, whether they are worn with casual wear or a tux at a party. You can see plenty of ideas for making your suits look better with cufflinks.

How to Put on Cufflinks

While cufflinks are affixed securely and look like they may be difficult to put on, they can be put into place without difficulty. Although they may prove to be a bit fiddly in some instances, they are generally simple to add and wear. To put on cufflinks, you need to do the following:

  • Take the cufflink and position the small bottom bar straight.
  • Fold up the shirt cuff, so the two holes come into contact at the bottom.
  • Place the cufflinks through the duo adjoining holes.
  • Twist the bar at the bottom of the cufflink to secure it.

Choosing a Shirt

Choosing the proper shirt to wear with a cufflink is sometimes more difficult than attaching the cufflink to the sleeves of your shirt because some shirts feature buttons that do not require cufflinks. However, if you prefer to wear these accessories, you need to know the exact shirt designs to wear.

Experts at the Wimbledon Cufflink Company often design cufflinks to wear with French cuff shirts. Also called double cuff shirts, French cuff shirts are considered the traditional shirt to wear with cufflink jewellery.

French Cuff Shirt Styles

The sleeves of the French cuff shirt are longer than typical shirts as the cuff when unfolded, falls well past a man’s wrist. The French styled shirt is designed for wear at black tie affairs. However, some men do wear the shirts at work. To wear a cufflink with a French cuff shirt, you need to fold the cuff back, so the two holes that hold the cuff come together. Place the cufflink through the holes before attaching it.

Single Cuff Sleeved Shirts

Single cuff sleeved shirts are the most formal of cufflink type shirts. These types of cuffs usually are only seen at white tie affairs. Black tie celebrations are considered to be semi-formal by comparison.

Less Formal Shirts

Less formal styled shirts that can be worn with cufflinks include the button cuff design. While the cuff features buttons, as the name suggests, you can still convert it into a cufflink shirt. Merely remove the buttons, and you can accessorise the shirt with cufflink jewellery.

Personalising Cufflink Jewellery

When you have cufflinks customised, you may also want them to be personalised. Personalisation can include anything from adding your initials to including images. Engraved initial cufflinks are considered on trend today, so they are well worth the investment when it comes to accessories.

Wearing the Cufflinks

As noted, you need to choose the right shirt, so your cufflinks look spectacular. This means either selecting a formal shirt with a single or double cuff or a buttoned cuff shirt sans the buttons. When selecting the cufflinks, you need to base your selection on the shirt’s colour and the theme of the event. Typically, it is best to choose classic looks and colours when making a design selection.


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