Cutest Campaign by Metro Shoes


Marketing campaigns are essential for brand awareness, attracting new customers, and driving new sales. In an effort to accomplish all these tasks, companies rely on print advertisements, digital marketing, outdoor media campaigns, television commercials, and much more. But, the most important aspect is the emotional connect. If you can connect with the audience, you can accomplish your job with ease. This concept has been proved by Metro Shoes.

The Indian footwear brand, Metro Shoes, roped in Sidharth Malhotra and Katrina Kaif for their latest campaign. This is by far the most engaging and cutest campaign launched by Metro Shoes. This is a television commercial that will be showcased on not just televisions but online forums such as YouTube as well. The campaign will hit the floors on 28th September and it would be interesting to see if it can persuade people to buy Metro Shoes. Let us explore some more details regarding this ad campaign.

About the Campaign

The digital campaign featuring Katrina Kaif and Sidharth Malhotra have been conceptualized by Makani Creatives. The relationship of Makani Creatives and Metro Shoes is an old one. Makani Creatives is responsible for managing most of the marketing campaigns of Metro Shoes. As a long time partner, Makani is well-versed with the requirements and hence, it is able to deliver exceptional results every time. Adoption of latest market technologies and keeping up with trends, these are the core aspects responsible for the success of Makani Creatives.

The idea behind roping in Sidharth Malhotra and Katrina Kaif was to engage with the youth of the country. As fashion icons, the pair will make an instant connection with the young audience. Further, the tone of the advertisements has been kept lively, joyful, and mischievous. These emotions are necessary to incite curiosity and excitement in the buyers. While Sidharth Malhotra is the ultimate style icon, Katrina Kaif a well-known figure amongst the masses. This facilitates better reach in the audience.

The theme of the campaign was “Find your Pair”. The theme resonates with the audience as in instigates them to find a suitable pair for themselves. The advertisement aims at encompassing all the footwear including shoes, sandals, stilettos, loafers, sneakers, formals, etc.

The advertisement campaign was scheduled to be kicked off on 28th September. Apart from televisions and online media, the duo of Katrina and Sidharth will feature on print ads and outdoor campaigns as well.

Description of the Advertisement

In the advertisement featuring Katrina Kaif, you will see Katrina and her grandmother in the scene. While Katrina wears stilettos on her foot, she cannot find the other one. This makes her restless and she scouts for it at all places like the shoe-rack, under the table and sofas, and every other place. Meanwhile, her grandmother is relentless trying to have a conversation with her. And as grandmother wants Katrina to be with her, she tries to engage her in all possible ways. At the end, we see that Katrina finds the missing stilettos where the grandmother is sitting. This ad showcases the love and affection, mischievousness, and the bond between grandmother and granddaughter.

On the other hand, Sidharth Malhotra is scouting for the right pair of shoes that will complement his outfit. His partner in crime, his pet dog, is helping him in deciding the right pair. After multiple efforts, Sidharth asks his pet to choose the right pair. While he is talking on the phone, he wears the pair of shoes chosen by the pet. Ultimately, he realizes that the shoes are different in the pair. Again, the ad focuses on love, affection, and mischievousness.


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