Cycling for Fitness and Fun


Cycling has been a very popular sport and pastime for many years. Many people are classified as “weekend warriors,” because they do not cycle during the working week. However, these individuals go out with their friends every Saturday and Sunday morning and ride for miles at a time.

Furthermore, more professional riders tend to cycle every chance they get and periodically enter challenges that require extensive or moderate training. By setting fitness goals for events, the professional riders challenge themselves and continually improve their riding times and skills. The challenges are normally charity oriented, so they are for a worthy cause.

Getting Set up with a Bicycle and Accessories

Generally, bike prices range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. If you are a serious rider, you may part with a significant amount of money to purchase a quality bicycle. As you probably already know, buying the bicycle is only the first step of the cycling process.

The clothing is also a very important aspect. You must consider the following options: shoes, shorts, short and long sleeved jerseys, helmets, water bottles, and jackets for the colder weather. Furthermore, many riders need padding for the seats, which are quite hard and uncomfortable.

Smart watches and other accessories are also available to help a cyclist measure how far they have ridden, the speed, and their heart-rate at any given time. Special wraparound sunglasses complete the outfit.

Bicycle Clothing

One of the main clothing articles is the cycling jersey. They are either short or long sleeved, and they are made of various fabrics, changing from season to season. In the winter, merino wool is often the fabric of choice. However, during warmer weather, lycra is far more popular.

The material totally depends on the cyclist and the type of fabric they prefer against their skin. Good quality cycling gear has flat stitched seams, so the clothes do not rub or chafe the rider.

Bicycle clothing has seasons as normal clothing does, and cyclists are always updating their riding wardrobe to reflect the latest trends. Styling does not alter a lot, as wind resistance and comfort are most important. However, colours and patterns vary considerably from year to year.

Cycling is a Great Pastime

Anyone can easily understand why people love cycling. It can either be a group sport or an individual sport. It can also be a leisurely weekend pastime on a nice warm day, or it can be a person’s main mode of transport, especially in the city where moving around is hard due to the traffic. Today, many major cities and a few suburbs have specifically marked lanes for bicycle riders, which makes riding in traffic congested areas much easier and safer.

Whether individuals ride because they love the fitness aspect or simply want to stay fit while socialising with a group, cycling is the easiest and most cost-effective way to exercise or travel in a crowded city. Therefore, a bicycle provides everyone with an enjoyable hobby or transport method.


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