Differentiate a faked dress from the real branded ones!


So you are attending a party or a special occasion and you have bought yourself a wonderful dress from the latest edition of a popular brand house. Now you are ready wearing that beautiful and pricy dress and at the venue you bump into a person wearing the same dress and you wonder how someone can buy the same dress when the tag says it’s a limited version and launched a few days ago! Yes, you are right! That’s a faked version of your pricy thing! These days the whole world is filled with such fake things and it is almost impossible for the buyer to differentiate a faked dress from the real one.

Feel the fabric!

When you are identifying a fake dress, take a look at the quality of the cloth. This is the primary thing. If you have an idea about the real dresses and if you ever tested them by feeling them, you must know how soft and wonderful they feel. So you need to take a close view and feel the fabric. This is one of the easiest ways of identifying fake cheap dresses.The makers need to have profit out of the product and this is the way of saving money by giving substandard things.

Check the buttons and zippers

Take a look at the buttons. In the real dresses, the button should be heavy as they are made of real metals. But in the fake cheap black dresses,the makers do not give importance to the weight of the buttons as they need to keep profit! Now that’s how one can identify the cheap one. Take a look at the alignment of the zipper if the dress has one. The alignment is proper and shows a true craftsmanship when it comes to the original one. But in case of the fake dresses, you cannot find the perfect touch of the expert. The teeth of the zipper are loose and thus they are clearly faked!

Check the stitches and dust bags

Check the stitches of the cloth and this is something you can never find correctly done in fake cheap prom dresses.In the real ones the stitch is neatly done and the lines are perfect, clean and straight. But in case of the faked one, the lines are crooked and sometimes one line goes on another one. Designer handbags, shoes and other products come with dust bags and sometimes carry the ID card of the designer. But in case of the faked ones you will not find these things. So this is another way of identifying the authenticity of the dress. If everything else fails, check the logo of the brand with a magnifying glass and you will be sorted!


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