Don’t overlook, the low back swimsuit!


Low backed swimsuits are some of the most interesting items in the world of beach fashion. Swimwear fashion is often all about the pattern and the colour, but the cut and fit is often overlooked, and the reverse is almost entirely ignored by photographers and fashionistas alike.

But of course, it really does make a difference to your beach outfit to make sure you have the cut that suits you, and we think that the best kind of item in the modern swimwear world today is the low back variety. Many designers are moving towards this style for a few reasons, and we think the change is here to stay. So, here are a few fab things about low back swimsuits that you should consider before you buy a brand-new item of beachwear.

Get That Tan!

The first is that it’s great for tanning. The extra exposure to the sun makes it much easier for you to get a good tan and plenty of coverage. This is something that swimsuits have always lacked and there has been no great solution for it either, mostly because the swimsuit doesn’t sit very securely if it has less material on the back. Now, designers are making backless swimsuits or low back swimsuits that are contoured differently and will sit perfectly without a problem.  Designers get better each year and the more expert they are, the less a fashion lover has to worry about how her swimwear fits.

To gauge an idea of the type of style and look we mean, take a look at this low back bandeau swimsuit here, just follow the link.

The Low Back Fit.

But something even more important in the moment is how it moves and feels. There is no point wearing any kind of swimwear unless you can move around easily and feel comfortable in it. A high back swimsuit gives you a secure fit and you don’t need to adjust it nearly as much, but low back swimsuits are so much more natural and freeing! You can feel the sun on your back, swim easily, and relax without feeling like you are trust up in something that’s too stifling. They feel like a second skin and if there is anything you want to do by the pool or the beach, it’s have an easy time of it, and just relax.

Low Back Swimsuit Style.

And of course, the last big reason is just how flattering they are. A low back swimsuit is much more flattering and feminine than a conventionally fitting design. It is rather easy to highlight the curve of your back and show off the natural glow of your skin with a swimsuit like this, instead of hiding behind materials and fabrics. A swimsuit can be a practical piece of clothing, but it’s also an opportunity to feel good about your figure and look great! If that’s what you want from your swimwear, and who doesn’t, then go for a more dramatic cut like a deep plunging back and be a little more daring with your outfit.

So, if you are used to wearing beachwear that has a little more coverage, why not try something that has a lower cut, that feels natural, gives you the best tan and flatters your figure. You might end up finding your new favourite kind of swimwear.

For a great review on low back swimsuit fashions check out this write up here from UKSwimwear.  A must-see site for all lovers of luxury swimwear products.


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