Essential Gear to Buy for Fall 2016


As the new season comes, so as your need to purchase for your personal needs, whether it is for looking good or for your activities. For this fall of 2016, there will be a plethora of items that you can choose. While it may not be forever, the following gear will get you through the season and many more to come!

Sleeping Bag

Have you ever spent a night camping during the cold months, shivering in the woods and unable to sleep? Then, you already fully understand how important it is to have one of those quality sleeping bags. Keep in mind that a sleeping bag is one of the most important pieces of gear you should have on any backpacking trip during fall, as it will give comfort, warmth and safety, helping you get the rest that you will need. It can also have multiple functions—sleeping pad, backpack and even shelter—making your camping or hiking trip more enjoyable.

Light Up LED Shoes

Seeing people—both young and old—wearing these shoes make it seem like the world is going back to the past. As you can see, shoes that would light up (particularly sneakers having LEDs in the heels that lit up every time the wearer took a step) were a must-have fashion accessory that almost every child had owned at least once in the 90s. However, these shoes are already designed not only to be practical, but also stylish. In fact, a lot of people are already wearing them for a lot of reasons, such as functionality and safety. Moreover, light up LED shoes will make a statement about you, encapsulating exactly who you are and displaying your personality, which makes them more attractive to buy this fall. This new apparel is no long just a trend for Kids light up sneakers, adults are part of this new trend as well.

Driving Gloves

If you like convertible driving, it would be not quite too cold to enjoy such activity during fall. One of the best gear to have that help you you’re your hands warm and maintain performance, while being stylish, is a pair of driving gloves. In this regard, you can check out the new Stringback driving gloves from Autodromo, which will keep your mitts warm and grippy enough to manage the twists and turns when you blast through the autumn leaves on the road. They have a split cuff that does not impede wrist movement and a nice design, which is just as important as getting the best driving experience.


Hoverboards are everywhere right now, already loved by athletes and celebrities around the world, so you might want to also have own for yourself this season. They were so popular in the previous year—gracing the stage of award shows and hailed as one of the best technologies at the Consumer Electronics Show—and they will still be very popular this year.

Now, when you have decided to go out shopping for fall this year, you can start with the ones on this list to enjoy life even with the cold temperatures that come with the season.


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