Everything you need to know about Vintage Cowboy Boots – Your Mini Style Guide


Vintage cowboy boots are extremely common these days. You can find them anywhere around your local market or even on various online websites. You will find a wide variety of such boots everywhere. They come in various styles and designs and are not just worn by the cowboys, but they are also popular amongst the general public.

The vintage cowboy boots are made differently. Each pair has its own authenticity and style. However, the major differences among such boots are either their toe design or their heel height and design. That is why, in order to find the best pair for yourself, you must know all kinds of cowboy boots. In this article, we will be discussing about various kinds of toe designs of such boots and their heel height.

Know the various designs of the toes in such boots

The shape or design of the toe matters a lot because it affects the look of the boots. There are various kinds of toe designs available in such boots including the round toe design, the pointed toe design, the square toe design and the broad toe design. In order to know which style suits the best, you must know their specifications. Here is a small descriptionof such designs. –

  • Round toe – if you wish to have a comfortable pair of vintage cowboy boots, then you can go for a round toe design to enhance the level of comfort. Such boots will never cause any harm to your toes.
  • Classic toe – these are round but slightly narrow and look great with any kind of outfit. They are the most popular ones.
  • Pointed toe – these kinds of boots are the highly popular in the field of fashion and runway. They will look the best with any kind of cowboy outfit especially with the check shirt and denims.
  • Square and the broad toe – these designs are very popular because they enhance the look of your outfit and also provide the maximum amount of comfort. They have a broad toe design to fit in your toes without hurting them at all.

The best square boot design available in the market is the Justin Sorrel Apache Medium Squaretoe Boot. They are highly trendy and comfortable and will serve every purpose.

Learn about the kinds of heel designs

There are various kinds of heels designs, which come with such boots. The most popular ones have been mentioned below –

  • Traditional – these are not high at all and they are comfortable enough to walk in them without falling. The height of such heel designs may vary from roughly 3.5cm-4.5cm.
  • Low roper – these heels are just meant to support the boot and they are not high at all. Such heels will be as high as 2cm and will remain flat according to the boots.

These days, you can even choose among the boot height. While some of you may prefer the traditional height of 33cm, others may prefer a slightly shorter height of 25cm.

However, most of the people wearing such boots go for the traditional height because only such boots can provide the traditional look and they appeal more.


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