Everything you need to know to give a graduation speech and look fabulous (prom dresses


Being in charge of the graduation speech can be stressful, but it is also an exciting opportunity. To make a high school graduation speech, you must write one inspired by your own experiences. Besides, according to The Atlantic’s How the Kids Do It Now: Prom, your speech will be more memorable if you include some jokes, quotes or advice, but to make it even more clear, here is a list with the tips to be eloquent and look you fabulous in the prom party that same night wearing a designer dress like JVN.

  1. Brainstorming

We know that success is based on planning, for that you can have a “storm of ideas” about what your life in school has meant to you. You have been studying for some time, ask yourself: what has this experience taught me about life and others, success and growth in the process?

Other questions you could ask yourself in the brainstorm:

  • How have I changed since I started this educational level?
  • What is the most important lesson I have learned during my time at school?
  • What success stories happened during my time here?
  • How have these years of education prepared us to overcome the challenges?
  1. Oratory self-lessons

When you find yourself in front of a lot of people, with your heart beating and your mouth dry, it might be tempting to speed things up. However, in Jovani fashions we think good speeches are almost always pronounced slowly, with strength and feeling after each word. Remember to slow down.

Watch to a TED Talk, one of the most useful spaces, and pay attention to how slowly speakers discourse. Slow speeches sound good because they allow the audience to process what they hear. Practice the pronunciation of your speech making a video with your phone, listen and watch your movements. You will notice that even when you thought you were talking slow, you probably are not.

  1. Greet the audience

A great way to start a speech is to greet the audience. This includes your classmates, teachers, parents, other family members, administrators, and the principal. You don’t have to make it too formal, the audience is aware of your age and how nervous you may be, so just take a deep breath and let what you planned to come out fluidly.

  1. Highlight some important moments

You can include whether you and your classmates made a great trip together, remarkable athletic or academic accomplishments, the class’s participation in a successful fundraising campaign, or an important event. Try to think of some memorable events that you could highlight and tell a short story about it.

Be sure to choose a story that includes the entire class. For example, you might say “During the fall charity campaign, our class made history by raising more than $ 3,000.”

  1. Talk about the future.

After reflecting on the time you spent together in high school, you could talk about how these experiences have prepared you for the future. Mention the nervousness you felt when entering high school and meeting new people.

Trust in your ability to make people laugh, to make them understand you better, to motivate them to be better themselves and to realize their real potential. You are in charge of this speech for a reason, right? Trust the people who trusted you and reward them for their trust.

If you start to get nervous, try the old trick of imagining someone naked among the audience. Do not get obsessed with it, just imagine it. It will help you get some butterflies out of your stomach and help you concentrate on offering the speech with greater confidence and close with a flourish.

  1. Have a stunning look

This may be one of the most challenging parts for some non-fashionista girls. However, you are in the right place to make this a fun experience. Yes, we know that during the graduation ceremony in the morning you will be wearing something else; the usual tradition is to wear beautiful prom dresses and take pictures with it along with the parents and teachers.

As it is a formal ceremony, we invite you to opt for prom dresses with a length to the knee level to keep you cool under the toga and once you take it off, but maintaining the sophistication of the occasion. Among the options we have found, we fell in love with the Fuchsia Off the Shoulder Fit and Flare model by JVN. With the season color is part of the Prom Dresses division of the great Jovani fashion house.

We hope these tips will inspire you on that day (and later night) of celebration and joy.


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