Experience absolute comfort in sleeping with silky-smooth Tencel fibers


Who doesn’t love the idea of sleeping into a soft and comfortable bed covered with silky-smooth bed sheets and covers? It is true that sleeping is good for everyone, but sleeping into a comfortable bed makes sleeping more pleasurable and relaxing. Fortunately, Tencel has provided the privilege of experiencing the best sleeping experience with their bedding and sheets made from Tencel fibers. So what are you waiting for? Let’s talk about the outstanding comfort of their products in this article.

Tencel Lyocell Fibers

Tencel fibers, most commonly known as Lyocell fabrics are cellulose fibers meticulously made with 100% bleached wood pulp that are processed through a dry jet-wet spinner. It was invented in 1972 and ever since then, the material has undergone a series of development which leads us to its silky-smooth texture that most fabric and garment manufacturers use.

The material is versatile, it can be blended with other fabrics such as nylon, linen, chino, denim and can also be used in creating conveyor belts, medical dressings, as well as specialty paper. Tencel fibers nowadays, are commonly blended in manufacturing towels, shirts, pants, shorts, dresses, casual and smart wear suits, as well as bedding and sheets.

Because it is made from bleached wood pulp, Tencel fabrics are biodegradable and eco-friendly, not to mention the natural comfort that it provides to every individual that wears garments made from this wonderful fabric.

Super absorbent

Compared to synthetic fabrics and polyester, Tencel fabrics absorbs moisture efficiently, without leaving any moisture marks or formation, eliminating the risks of bacteria growth. This provides not only comfort, but a bacteria-free garment and fabric that you can use everyday.

In accordance to this, Tencel fibers are designed to promote enhanced breathability, this is to ensure a pleasant and cool experience as you wear or utilize the garment or fabric. This does not only promote comfort, but as well as a silky-smooth sensation on the skin. With the soft and silky sensation of every Tencel fiber, they practically go unnoticed.

Color retention

What separates Tencel fabric from other fabrics is their color retention, which prevents the color pigments of the fabric to fade even after repeated washing. In addition, Tencel fabrics are less prone to shrinkage and offers a long-lasting softness, eliminating the concerns of having a rough texture after repeated washing.

Tencel fabric: Bedding and sheets

Given the benefits and outstanding comfort every Tencel fiber, rest assured that availing their bedding and sheets products will guarantee an outstanding and relaxing experience as you sleep. Their Intimate fabrics will surely deliver a silky-smooth softness and comfort, giving you the best sleep and relaxation.


These bedding and sheets made from Tencel fibers assures every consumer the best relaxation and sleeping experience. You might want to check some of their outstanding Tencel products by clicking this link, and explore the wonders of this magnificent fabric, which promotes cooling sensation, freshness, silky-smooth texture, and outstanding comfort as  you wear them.


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