Eyewear options to consider for 2017


If you are an individual who likes to keep on top of fashion trends, then you know fashion has to work from head to toe. A great pair of boots won’t work with the wrong mini dress. The right necklace can take your style from yawn to center of attention. And the perfect look for your eyes can make your fashion statement the best in the room.

Even if you have perfect vision, your eyes can be adorned with designer frames, sunglasses, or colored contact lenses. If you’re not seeing 20/20, you can still sport the hottest looks in fashion. Here are the eyewear options you should consider for 2017.

In 2017, you should look for frames or lenses that will match your outfit. Yellow lenses, flowery frames, ombre lenses, bedazzled frames – there is something fun to match everything from handbags to shoes to your entire outfit.

Marbled frames have been showing up on fashion runways. You can find them in a variety of shapes. The venerable tortoise shell frame, and its colors, is popular for the winter season. The tortoise shell definitely draws attention, so if you want something more neutral, frames that are clear or white are also trending.

The shape of your glasses not only accents your facial features, it accents your personal style. Great looks for 2017 include the browline, hipster, and cat eye frames. Making a splash is the aviator frame, which jumps over from its normal sunglass world into regular lenses.

You may have grown tired of the expense of corrective eyeglasses, not to mention how they fog up in bad weather, and slide down your nose. If so, you should look into options that will let you see perfectly, and add frames for accessorizing or sun blocking. Contact lenses don’t inhibit your peripheral vision, don’t fog up, and can even change your eye color. There are contact lenses that correct your vision while you sleep, so you don’t have to wear them during the day.

Contacts need maintenance, and can contribute to dry eye and computer vision problems, that’s why many people consider corrective laser surgery. If you live in Minnesota, Minnesota Eye Consultants will provide advice about laser eye surgery. If you live elsewhere, such advice and services are readily available throughout the US from registered practitioners.

Once your vision – and your eyes – are 100%, you can truly make eyeglasses into your favorite accessory. Don’t forget about the sunglasses. One trend that will show off those big blues is sunglasses with clear lenses. Of course, the dark lens is a traditional mainstay that is also going to be popular in 2017. Other traditional sunglasses selections are the aviator frame and oversized lenses. You can go traditional, or try a pair with double rims or ombre shades.

Your options for eyewear don’t have to be based on practicality, or even necessity. Whether you have perfect vision, or use laser surgery or contacts to see more clearly, you can find a great pair of glasses to accessorize whatever fashion statement you want to make.



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