Few Factors That Highly Impact Women’s Selection Of Clothes


Oh My God, I have seen women’s love & craze about shopping. If you have a plan to go with your date(girlfriend) in the mall, I’d like to tell you not to go with an empty pocket. Because, believe me, you’ll women are damn crazy about shopping. The situation may even get worse with you, not have a single penny at the end of the day.

And, what to say when it comes to shopping clothes!…Still, there are many more factors that a girl always ponders on twice before making any new purchase. Such as color, pattern and fabrics. Although, it’s not enough at all. There are few more elements that every woman needs to know before buying wholesale cheap women’s clothing.

Here are some of them which need your sharp attention!….


It’s a fact, anyone can identify your status level through your personality or culture of a person. Clothes simply represent your current status and interest. Proper dressing can make you respected among your crowd and improper dressing can make you look less confident and being teased by your knowns.

Proper dressing eventually makes you more confident as people appreciate your style sense and it also affects your social behaviour and personality. In this fashion-focused world, with each occupation and situation, the color and style of clothing change.

Have you heard, “only dead fish can go with the flow”? Yes exactly, if you want to have a unique persona then, you should adopt your own new trend confidently which will surely make you more confident.


It’s not fixed but yet, there are different set of clothes for different age groups. Hence, care should be taken while selecting clothes for a different age group. Somehow, because of one’s comfort, clothes are segmented in age groups. Teenagers normally adopt different styles and also, they love doing that.

However, elders focus more on comfort so they choose clothes having buttons or zip. For kids, there are a huge amount of choices but while choosing, more & more focus should be paid to kid’s health. If there is an issue with their health then you should avoid some particular fabrics.


Clothing is highly influenced with the profession. Hence, workaholics wear formal only and it must be neat, clean and simple. Vulgar & trendy clothes are not proper. Clothes simply give you an inner strength that you are smart, sober & active. Also, sensible about what to wear & when to wear.

It’s not about gossips but it is all about your fashion sense that whether you’re okay with whatever you’re going to choose or not. If your occupation is related to farming activity then you have to wear strong and durable clothes. Well, it’s just an example!..

Industrial workers have a special type of uniform. Like, people who work in army, railways have their own distinctive uniform. Simple & sober uniform needs for the classrooms. Sportsmen need to wear durable and strong clothes as they have to deal with hard situations.


Every individual has a unique figure, some of us are long or short, fat or lean and too much petite. Whatever your body shape is, your clothes have an ability to cover up your weakest portions. But also, wrong selection can make you more awkward. So, before choosing a dress, your figure must be taken into an account.

There is a different style of clothes and its all depend on your individual taste. Always try to wear clothes that suit you, not those that likes your lover.


At last, these factors are a must if you are going to shop for some new clothes. Ladies! Be more focus about what you have chosen. Be curious & stylish!…


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