Get a Special Ring for your Loved One on a Special Day


Gemstones have always carried value as accessories to human beauty since long. A diamond is said to be a woman’s best friend. Gemstones apart from value as precious stones have also been used in astrology, and use in science for the special properties they have. Gemstones also have been used as currency in the older days and have been symbols of a nation or a state. However, in the modern world, gemstones have found their place more commonly in the ornaments and accessories for both men and women.

Alexandrite stone as a Gem

Alexandrite has a history as a rare stone from the days of Russian Tsar Alexander II. The stone is one of the most valuable found on earth for its distinctive colours. A high quality Alexandrite shows green or bluish green in daylight and shows various shades of red under artificial lighting conditions. The more distinct the colour change, the more expensive the stone is supposed to be. A good quality Alexandrite is found in Russia which was its only source till another source was found in Brazil.

Rings for a special Occasion

If you have been waiting for a ring for a special occasion, alexandrite rings with their rarity and beauty are an ideal choice. When the rings are crafted from the finest stones, and the quality of the workmanship is really high, the rings come out looking like an exquisite work of art rather than an ornament. A special ring needs a special occasion and for someone whom you love and cherish, an exquisite ring is the right way to go. Alexandrite rings with their dual tone finish and adorned with diamonds may not be cheap, but they show love where it matters most.


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