Getting Flexible on a Flexible Schedule with Glo Online Yoga


21st-century lifestyles are not conducive to wellness. Physical bodies are subject to more desk work and repetitive motions. Intellects are dulled by addictive algorithms and electronic devices. Meanwhile, emotional stress levels are raised because of economic pressures, political divisions and vexing family matters. We know that yoga is an effective way to counter–if not cure–these negative impacts but who has the time? Among commuting, shuttling children, late nights at work and tending to the house, making it to the health club is just another inconvenience. Yet Glo delivers a restorative yoga session at the most agreeable space and time: wherever and whenever.

Benefitting People from All Walks of Life

Once alternative and eccentric, yoga practice is now a staple of the healthy lifestyle. Teachers, fire fighters, executives, soldiers, nurses, scientists, expectant mothers and those from all walks of life now include yoga as a favored training method. According to Forbes magazine, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention describes yoga as a “combination of breathing exercises, meditation, and physical postures, of Hindu origin, used to achieve a state of relaxation and balance of mind, body, and spirit.”

Educators testify to its stimulation of children’s intellects. Adults turn to the practice to alleviate depression, build muscle strength, foster creativity and reduce anxiety. In fact, a growing body of scientific evidence corroborates this anecdotal data. From diabetes to chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), insomnia to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), debilitating conditions are improved through the practice of yoga. In addition, patients with conditions as diverse as multiple sclerosis, menopause, obesity and addiction discover some relief from regular engagement with yoga postures. With this in mind, easier accessibility to training is an exciting prospect for the healthy and ailing alike. All can take heart: online yoga is here.

Glo Online Yoga

The concept of online yoga naturally appeals to busy professionals and others with crowded schedules. Still, Glo goes deeper than pragmatism. This program breaks free of all of the stereotypes that often accompany yoga routines. Glo promotes body acceptance, and does not hold up model-thin instructors as an ideal to be strived for. Furthermore, this brand of online yoga does not throw newbies into practice with those who have practiced for decades. Furthermore, Glo embraces many traditions without limiting instruction. The course offerings, therefore, are many and varied. Pilates and meditation classes enhance the curriculum.

Glo boasts a wide and diverse array of instructors to teach these various methods. To read their biographies is not only to discover volumes of yoga expertise, but also to learn of their histories and nationalities; vocations and avocations–from journalism to acting to nursing to teaching. Each has his or her own yoga story to tell…and they are well worth hearing. With an impressive list of courses, and highly qualified teachers to follow, Glo promotes online yoga instruction for individuals to discover themselves in body and soul. And it must be said: this online platform is very convenient.


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