Guide to buy an Italian leather glasses cases


Need to keep your glasses safe while travelling or moving around, then opt for the Italian leather glasses cases. Glasses are a sensitive accessory and since it is used every day so extra care is needed. It is hard to keep your glasses in your hands or pocket all the time. The chances of them getting scratches and damage are very high. To ease the worries of all the spectacle wearers, glasses cases were invented.

At the start, they were manufactured in plastic or any other fabric. But with the passage of time, creativity and innovation came to them and this led to the use of leather in their manufacturing. BUTTI is a leading brand in the United Kingdom that is setting some high standards by manufacturing the glasses cases made from the fine and luxurious Italian leather.

Things to look out for while buying Italian leather glasses cases: 

There are a number of things to be considered while buying an Italian leather glasses case including the material of the case, the stitching of the case, the dimensions of the case according to the size of the spectacles, and the durability of the case.

BUTTI provided eyewear cases in a variety of material and colours. Here is a complete guide to the various aspects of an Italian leather glasses case:

Type of leather used in the making of the Italian leather glasses cases:

There are a variety of Italian leathers available in the market. The main difference that occurs is due to their tanning procedures. BUTTI uses soft Italian calf leather in the making of their cases, which are lined with silk on the inside.

Colour of the Italian leather glasses cases:

The colour of the best Italian leather is either brown or tan. BUTTI offers Italian leather glasses cases in these colours as well along with many other colours. The other colours available are burgundy, blue, black, and grey.

Dimensions of the case:

The dimensions of the case depend on the type of glasses that you are intending to keep in it. They are suitable for spectacles and sunglasses as well. They are not usually recommended for the sunglasses. A frame of 30 mm to 45 mm. Any dimensions higher than that won’t fit well in the Italian leather glasses cases.

Safety features:

Check out for the safety features of these Italian leather glasses cases. They hold the glasses very well making sure that they don’t fall when you hold the case upside down. The silk inside the leather covering gives a smooth touch to the glasses making sure that they don’t get any scratch.

Silk ribbon:

There is a silk ribbon along with the case. The ribbon is at the back. Once you pull it, it drags the glasses out of the case making sure that you don’t get any trouble while taking your glasses out of the case.

These are the few things that are to be considered while buying an Italian leather glasses cases. Make sure that you confirm those things while buying the Italian leather glasses cases.


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