Guide to Motorcycle Apparel


When you hit the road on your bike, there’s nothing more freeing. For motorcycle enthusiasts, it’s one of the best feelings possible. Once you get on the open road, little else matters. Of course, when you hit the road, you don’t want to be unprepared or underdressed. If you’re new to the world of motorcycle apparel, here’s your guide to riding gear and apparel.


Rain or shine, a good motorcycle jacket is a must-have for cruiser motorcycle apparel. In terms of protection, the jacket is just as crucial. Not only does it protect you from the wind and elements while on the road, but also it protects against bugs and other debris that you’re like to run into on your cruiser.

Jacket materials come in two different material types. You can choose from genuine leather or synthetic. Both materials are rugged enough to stand up against the elements and road rash if there’s an accident. Leather can protect you during an accident. When choosing a jacket, make sure that it fits properly. It should not be too big or too bulky.


Often, motorcyclists overlook the pants. Some even think that jeans are just as acceptable as a pair of riding pants. Legitimate motorcycle pants offer protection from the environment and offer ventilation. There are a variety of styles and materials when it comes to motorcycle pants. You may choose from textile, denim, Kevlar or leather. The material you choose depends on your personal style along with the type of weather your ride in.

If you’re new to the world of motorcycling or if you’ve been a motorcycle enthusiast for decades, you can never have enough riding gear. Riding gear might be stylish, but it serves more than one purpose. If you want to stay safe on your bike, then you need the right gear to make that happen.


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