Have the Year-Round Sexy Tan with a Spray Tan


If the goal is to get that summer tan look year round, one either need to regularly go to a tanning bed, use staining tanning creams and lotions, or get a great Spray Tan that will last a whole week. Just schedule weekly appointments at the right, reputable spa and you keep the perfect tan at all times. This is until you stop, of course. The good news about this radical and seemingly odd approach is it helps you achieve the perfect tan without exposing yourself to harmful sun rays or tanning beds all of the time. It is also going to preserve against skin aging and the alligator skin look which resulted from the 80’s tanning fad.

There are two kinds of spray tanning. One is done in an enclosed chamber and the other is done with an airbrush for total accuracy. A combination can be used for accentuation with the airbrush because it will enhance certain body tones. For an even distribution during a regular spray, stay as still as you can. This avoids any splotching. Be sure to keep your eyes closed and hold your breath until you are given the go to breathe. There is no need to have tanned eyes after all.

When you are not doing weekly appointments, you will get fading in between whatever appointments you do get to. Skin cell layers are constantly dying off and since those dead cells are consistently falling off, taking the color with it. Hence the reason for weekly appointments to keep the color up to date at all times. If you are just starting out and you are getting a Spray Tan for some special event, know that it takes time for the tan to develop. Allow for 6-8 hours for full development or choose an express solution to cut the time in half.

Think the benefits of a spray tan are all hot air? Think again, there have been some studies indicating that people with tans are actually more successful and socially appreciated. Whether this is still true or not is uncertain. It’s the old adage that looks do indeed matter when reaching for success. Those who are groomed and looking better are often received better. It is clear that a nice tan is appealing to the eye so consider it as just another part of your beauty regime. Again, these studies may not always reveal a 100 percent truth, but the results do make us think. What’s there to lose? Try a spray tan today.


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