Here’s how to wear enamel pins


You have probably seen them already all over Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Pins are taking over the Internet. These metallic accessories are trendy because of the so many things that can be expressed with them. It is a metallic piece of fashion that is not restricted to a certain style or brand. Anyone can wear it, enjoy it and even create it!

Some people compare pins to tattoos, and you cannot have just one. Collections are very common, although they are not worn at the same time. Some are simple, and some others have gold layers and gems attached to it. Variety is the keyword when it comes to pins. Soft enamel pins are the most famous, but there are also hard enamel, cloisonné, and cast. Each of these pins has a relatively different look and purpose.

How to wear them

The most traditional use that belongs to bags and lapels is the more convenient one. But, there are more options if you want to go off the beaten track.

  1. On your hat or cap

If you are wearing something to cover your hair and protect your head, why not attach some pins to it? This will give your garment a beautiful and unique feature to display to friends and family. You can put them next to some border or seam, in groups of three. This way you can create a combination of images to express some fun game or thought.

  1. On the collar of your shirt

You can take advantage of the corners of your collar to put some pins. Pick a pair that matches the style, and you’re set. They can be combined to convey a message, such as “Beauty… Star.” Maybe you can have two cute pencils or drawing tools, especially if you work in the field. The idea is to put one on each corner of your collar. If you don’t want to have matching pins, there is no problem. You can choose just one, maybe a bigger one. And put in on just one side of your collar.

  1. On your belt

If you are wearing a belt, it is a good place to show your pins. Sometimes there are a few extra holes after the belt is set. You can use them to display one or two pins there. Try not to arrange too many because it can ruin the style of the belt if too many pins are attached to it.

  1. Pockets

Whether it is pants’ pockets or shirts, it does not matter, they all look cool. One good thing about this location is that you can place the pin so that the pointy end does not touch your skin. The pocket’s extra layer of fabric will protect you from it.

  1. Lapels and bags

Well, these two are the traditional spots. But, this does not mean they are outdated or boring. They are just, conventional. If you have a jacket, its lapel is the perfect spot to show some of your pins. The main advantage is that you have more space and you can, therefore, show more pins. You could pick 4 or 5 to be displayed on each side of your jacket.

How are these enamel pins made?

Well, enamel pins are super easy and fun to make are super easy and fun to make. The first thing would be to find the design. You can do it yourself, or you can pick some cute image from the Internet. You then have to modify this image. This is because enamel pins have very thick lines and borders, so images with tiny details have to be prepared for the process. After the image is ready, you have to find a manufacturer. They can make a few pins just for personal use, or maybe in bulk because you want to sell them.

Enamel pins are now becoming a nice niche for small entrepreneurs who want to start their own business. These pins can be a very good opportunity to make the business grow and have fun at the same time with such great images and messages. They can be used as accessories, just as we told you in this article. They can also serve as souvenirs for special occasions such as wedding, marathons or such.


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