How and Where Can Men Wear Rings


Most men are not aware of the etiquette of ring wearing. If you go through the end of this article, you can definitely learn about some traditions and practices of wearing rings. Let us discuss some traditional connections of wearing the rings on fingers.

Right Or Left Hand? According to the symbolism, as your right hand is active in making most of the physical gestures, this hand is considered as the dominant or the active hand and can be known as the ‘physical’ hand. On the other hand, the left hand is called as the ‘mental hand,’ which tells about the belief and characters. This is basically from the point of view of the right hander’s. The left handers will always have the reverse way of seeing the entire thing. So do not restrict yourself to go on your own way. So, in case of wearing the rings you do not have to worry about any rules regarding selection of the hands.

Ring Finger: In most of the countries, the ring finger is associated with the symbol of the wedding. The ring on the fourth finger of the right hand represents engagement and the ring on the fourth finger of the left hand indicates marriage. Men can go for silver, gold, or Tungsten bands to represent their marital status. The bands can be simple or decorative according to personal preferences.

Index Finger: Many years back, the pointer or the index finger was the most common location to wear rings for men. As this is the most common finger used for your gestures, you can use the rings, if you want to emphasize anything through it. Fraternal or classy rings can be used in this finger. If you want to connect it astrologically, this finger is connected with Jupiter, which represents authority, power and leadership. Bright silver rings can be the best choice for this finger.

Little Finger: For wearing a statement ring, the little finger plays the role for the first choice for many men. In most of the cultures, this finger does not fall under any cultural or religious connections. Ring on this finger can be a bit isolated from your body, so it can be an eye-popping element. The astrological symbolism can be connected as the little finger represents persuasion and intelligence as it is associated with Mercury.

Middle Finger: The middle finger can be considered as the boldest and the largest finger in your hand. Though wearing rings in the middle finger is uncommon, but you can wear a simple and a small ring, if you want. If the idea of wearing in the little finger seems bit awkward to you and you do not want any confusion of the wedding symbolism in the ring finger, you can easily wear the ring in the middle finger as a safe option.

Thumb: In most of the cultures throughout the world, the thumb rings represent influence and wealth. If any man wants to wear multiple rings within the same hand, then the thumb can be one of his options. Make sure the ring is chunky as well as big, but not necessarily expensive in appearance. As the finger is connected with friendship and interaction, you can keep it simple, but bold in nature. No connections have been found in astrology for the thumb finger and it is believed to be a sign of authoritative characteristics if the finger is straight and strong.

Generally, one ring is worn in one finger. But, if you want to wear more, you can use a cluster of thin bands to cover up your fingers. At the end of the day, quality always scores better than quantity, irrespective of which finger you are displaying with rings.

Author Bio: Derek Samuel is a popular jeweler of Tungsten rings. In this article, he is suggesting some ring wearing tips for men.


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