How to choose right bra- Quick tips


As per latest studies it has been found that most females wear bra of the wrong size most of the times. This may be due to a couple of factors such as lack of right instruction on bra choice, lack of awareness to pick the right bra and also fitting tips. Therefore the key lies in sparing a couple of minutes to do the research prior to purchase as this will go a long way in helping one to get a healthy cosy fit.

The primary role of a bra definitely is for supporting the breasts. One’s selection of bra always should be revolved within this though the apparel style that she wears should also be a vital consideration. Every woman irrespective of her age should be aware of the fact that it is crucial in giving support to the breast to prevent injuries and sagging particularly when she does some activities. In case of women having ample cleavage, it is advised to put on full cupped bras for experiencing good coverage and support and when they are putting on apparels which are not revealing. On the other hand for girls who wish in boosting their bust, it will be good for them in trying push-up bra. Such bra type will help in lifting their boobs thereby giving them a boost. This will definitely allow her in getting the cleavage which she wants devoid of having to go for any enhancement or surgical procedure. Those undergoing physical activities should try sports bra. Physical activities demand the usage of better support for breasts as this will help prevent redundant injuries to the breast muscles and tissues.

Tips to pick the right bra

  • Pick the right style or cut- Bras come in varied styles and cuts. These include underwire, seamless, push-up, front closure, convertible, strapless and cross over among others. Each of these has its respective shares of plus and minuses and it all rests in one’s preferences, size as well as activity levels
  • Pick comfort above fashion- Every woman should choose comfortable bras as this will sit on one’s skin throughout the day. It is always wise not to blindly go for designer bras as this may fail to offer the perfect fit. Always choose its features, design and benefits instead of the colour and brand. If it fits right and keeps all the factors in place, go for it right away
  • Pick the right fabric- It is always good to go for fabrics that are smooth, soft and comfortable. Cotton tops the list as this breathes well. The next in list comes cashmere, silk-feel nylons, bamboo, lycra and other fabrics from which a woman can select from. Satins and silks are comfortable and soft but these need extra care. One should not purchase anything hard because these can be constricting and scratchy

Bras are not merely for style or seduction, but an important support system for female’s breasts. Thus they are advised to give comfort the prime importance while buying these inner wear. So prior to embarking on the journey to pick the best bra, keep the aforementioned tips in mind for a successful shopping.


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