How To Choose The Best Picture Frame: Here Are Some Practical Tips


Picture frames can either enhance the picture within or dampen it. When it comes to choosing an in loving memory picture frame, the right choice matters significantly. Choosing one that does not match the photo and the life of the dearly departed can be disrespectful and distasteful which can be insulting to the grieving friends and family. Here are some important tips to keep in mind to avoid choosing the wrong frame for the memorial photo:

Matching Their Personality

The frame for the portrait must match the personality of the person being remembered. If they were more laid back during their life, a wooden frame can be a great option, but a glass frame is better off with someone who preferred classic styles. A frame that does not match the life that was lead can be very disrespectful and instead of offering comfort, it can be seen as an insult to the memory of the dearly departed.

The Right Quote Or Poem

An in loving memory picture frame may come with different dedications engraved on them. These dedication vary in meaning and sentiment which means choosing one should be carefully considered. A dedication meant for a husband will not translate well when a photo of a grandfather is put on the frame.

Take the time to read the dedication to ensure it is appropriate for the person being remembered and to avoid any awkward moments with the family.


There are frames that cater more to the memory of a loved one lost at such a young age and ones that are better for the older dearly departed. Be very careful not to choose a childish frame to keep the memories of Mom or Dad alive as this can be seen as very insulting and inappropriate. At the same time, when framing a dedication photo of a younger friend or family, try to be more creative as a way to remember their youth.

Consult With The Family

Choosing the frame without talking to other family members can lead to the wrong choice. The more information you have about the person you are dedicating the personalized memorial frame to, the better. You will make fewer mistakes when you know more about their life and how they lived in, instead of rushing just to buy a frame.

Personalized Frames

Of course the frame should be personalized with the name of the dearly departed, their first and last days on earth, and of course their picture. Don’t be afraid to go all the way to make the frame unique to fit their personality and to let it tell a story. These types of memorial frames bring a lot of comfort to grieving family members and it makes a very thoughtful gift if the right frame is chosen.

Frame Their Life

Make sure the photo and the frame celebrate the life of the person so that it makes everyone smile and helps with the mourning of the family. Make it so that the memories that come bring joy instead of sadness.

Giving someone an in loving memory picture frame can help one cope with the loss of a dad, or mom, or any family member. Visit Remember Me Gifts online shop today.


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