How to choose the perfect vintage dress


Vintage dresses are a sure-fire way to ensure that your style is utterly unique. While vintage is notoriously hard to style, there’s just something about a vintage dress that will always be understatedly quirky yet classy, fitting any social occasion. Here are our tips on choosing the perfect vintage dress.

  1. Try everything once

‘Don’t knock ‘til you’ve tried it’ has never been so applicable to a shopping situation. With vintage dresses, they can often look like one thing on the hanger, but completely transform once tried on. With this in mind, it’s best to try on all different styles and cuts to experiment to determine which look is best for you.

  1. Less is more

When faced with a vintage store piled high with sequins and furs, any fashion fan is likely to want to go bananas and snatch up EVERYTHING they find. This is, unsurprisingly, not recommendable. Vintage, like all other styles, requires a focal point and pairings that will work to accentuate it, so be sure to keep things relatively simple. If you go for a beaded or textured dress, be sure to play down the accompanying jacket/sweater/accessories to avoid giving off fancy dress vibes.

  1. Choose a dress that won’t get old

It may seem obvious, but going for a dress that you’re likely to wear again is something to keep in mind. Even if you’re not spending as much as you would on the high street, ensuring that your purchase will last you several wears is both sustainable and stylish. This is especially important in thrift shops where many items may be damaged from previous ownership. That said, if it’s the perfect dress for you and you’re handy with a needle and thread, it may be worth it.

  1. Go for lighter materials

Avoiding dresses made out of polyester and thicker, heavier fabrics is important if it’s an outfit you want to move and groove in. While these may seem like a good idea in the winter months, it’s worth investing in something that’s wearable year round and won’t get too stuffy in summer.

  1. Make sure it’s ‘the one

We all know that fuzzy feeling when we fall in love with a particular favourite dress. It’s doubly important to find this feeling with a vintage dress seeing as the item you find will be so unique it’s practically bespoke. It’ll be totally YOURS, with no risk of embarrassingly matching dresses with someone else at a party.


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