How to Look your Very Best on that Special Occasion


There are special times in our lives that are often squeezed in between long periods of mundane existence, and whenever a special occasion does arrive, it makes sense to look your very best. Modern lifestyle demands the right image, and with so many important social events on your calendar, you need to make the necessary preparations with a bespoke tailor, if you want to make the right impression. If that corporate event is looming, or a family wedding is coming up, here are a few tips to help you shine.

  • Get Suited Up – The ideal attire for any important event should be tailor made, and with the right fabric, your suit will define you. If, for example, you are looking for custom made suits in Sydney, there are online tailors who have several branches, and after a free initial consultation, they can get to work creating a unique suit that is perfectly cut.
  • The Accessories – Always a vital part of any look, your accessories might include cufflinks and a tiepin, with perhaps a handkerchief folded into your top pocket. The right wristwatch is also important, as is any other jewellery you might like to wear. Cufflinks add a touch of elegance if a formal atmosphere, and it is also a chance to add some colour to the look.
  • Comfortable Shoes –While people do look at a person’s shoes, practicality is also an issue, and that means wearing shoes that inhibit your movements is not a good idea. You will probably spend a lot of time standing, so your shoes must be comfortable, as well as complementing your outfit.
  • Spray Tanning – This is a very popular way to achieve that golden glow at a day’s notice, and with beauty salons everywhere offering this service, you can be the envy of others. This treatment is not a paint application, rather the liquid reacts with your skin, causing the melanin to get to work, which changes your skin colour. For the best results, it is wise to have the treatment 2 or 3 days prior to the event. It is perfectly healthy and the results last from 6 – 10 weeks depending on after care.
  • Wear Subtle After Shave – This will leave a lasting impression on everyone you meet, and providing it is not overpowering, it will be well received. The sense of smell adds to our data input, and being in the company of someone who smells nice gives you a positive feeling about that person, so go for something a little subtle.
  • Visit Your Hair Salon – A few days before the big day, have you hair trimmed, as your hair is very much a part of your image. Whatever your style, a trim will always accentuate your look, and don’t go for anything radical, leave that for a social occasion because it doesn’t always turn out as you hoped.

Projecting the right image is essential with the many business and social appointments we keep, and by paying attention to how you look, you can make an improvement that will be noticed by everyone.


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