How to match accessories and prom dresses


If you have your prom dresses ready, but not the accessory that will complement your look, read this note!

We know that you are a young and modern girl. Besides, we also know that you have waited for that particular day with great enthusiasm and that you cannot let any detail go unnoticed. The prom dresses with the passage of time have varied a lot and have incorporated new trends. Today we find from short dresses to very long ones, each one with a different detail and essence.

What about the accessories? Jovani, exclusive brand of dresses and creators of the prom dresses collection, suggests that we have to remember that the accessories fulfill the function of complementing your look. It is imperative that you know how to choose which ones you will use. Therefore, we present you the best and the newest to accompany your prom dresses perfectly.


The shoes have to be part of your dress since they are the final touch of your look. The color that serves for all occasions is the color black. It depends if you need closed or open. Remember that the most important thing is that you feel super comfortable. If you are the kind of person who does not know how to walk with high heels, then do not buy ones that are too difficult to manage. Instead, start practicing with a not too high heel’s size.

You can complement this by putting a bracelet on the ankle, which adds glamour to your look.


It often happens that we invest a lot of time looking for our dress and the perfect shoes. And it is true that it takes time to choose it, however many times they leave pending for the last moment. Choose the earrings you find faster. The big mistake is when you consider the earrings as one of the secondary complements. The importance they achieve in your final look is greater than we think. The rule that you have to meet to choose the earrings is to take into account the dress and the hairstyle. Remember that the earrings do not need to be the same color as your prom dresses. However, it must go according to the style and shape of your dress.

Earrings are the best option for girls who want to shine that night. You can opt for some teardrop earrings in metallic tones like gold. In this way, diamonds like blue or emerald green, the ultimate in fashion.

On the other hand, if you are a more traditional girl, silver earrings in the shape of a waterfall will make you look impressive. If you use a hairstyle that collects half of the horse, then you will add that perfect touch.


The necklace is one of the essential parts of your elegant look. There are a variety of types, but the most appropriate for this type of event are the thick and showy ones. For example, if your prom dress is strapless, a colorful necklace will bring a lot. On the other hand, if your dress does not have sleeves and its neckline is very noticeable, you can use a thicker and longer necklace.

If your prom dresses is an asymmetrical cut, it is best not to recharge anything in the neck. Just use a pair of bracelets and some long earrings. The tip to use the correct collar is that it has to go according to the occasion.


For you prom party, you can use two types of bracelets. On the one hand, you can use a wide bracelet on each of your wrists. On the other hand, you may prefer to use one or two very thin wristbands from different models on each arm.

The important thing is that you do not feel overloaded. For example, if you have accessories in the hair, in the ears, and in the neck, you cannot exaggerate more. In that case, use a small bracelet that complements your look.


This accessory is perfect to complement your look. You can choose one of the same colors of your dress or one with an embroidered pattern or rhinestones. Of course, always have to match your dress. There are many sizes, but you have to choose a sober one. Choose one where you can enter the essential: your cell phone, mascara, concealer, and blush.

Keep in mind that is a special night and that your look will not be complete until you choose the perfect accessories to complement it.


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