How to Protect Your Hair from Heat in a Straightener


Straightening or curling your hair daily with a flat or curling iron will no doubt make you look chic always but there are some pitfalls which you should avoid.

Naturally, the human hair is built up with protein keratins and hydrogen bond and constantly applying heat tools on the hair strips your hair of these natural oils and proteins.

 Always applying hot objects daily on your hair tends to cause serious damages which you can do without. But if you cannot do without your hot straightener or curler, there are ways you can minimize the severity of the damages. You can do this by making use of the right type of iron that will be suitable for your hair and getting the best hair product that will help to strengthen your hair.

Steps to Follow:

  • Make sure that your hair is thoroughly dry before you embark on the straightening or curling process. This is an important factor if you want to maintain the health of your hair. There is no faster way to damage your hair than applying a heated object on it when it is still wet. Allow your hair to naturally dry, or you can set your blow dryer on the lowest temperature possible and use it if you want to fasten the process.
  • Do not forget to acquire a curling or straightening iron that is designed with an adjustable temperature so that you will be able to control the temperature of the iron. Depending on your hair type, you can adjust your iron accordingly. It is advisable, to begin with, a lower temperature and gradually works your way up the temperature scale if there is any need.
  • Another thing you should put into consideration is the hair styling tools you will use. If it is a hair straightener you are in need of, go for the best Flat Iron that was designed with current model plates. Likewise, if it is curling tongs you need, it is better to buy the ones that are designed with variable temperature settings. You should also consider using a curling iron that is designed with a smaller barrel as this will enable you to create smaller and tighter curls. While if it is a blow dryer, you are in need of, the one that comes with a nozzle attachment will be more preferable. This is because the nozzle attachment helps the dryer to distribute heat evenly.
  • Always remember to apply heat protectant formulas on your hair before straightening or curling. This is to enable you to minimize the effect of heat and to protect your hair from heat damages. It is advisable to use hair products that contain silicone as this serves as a coating agent that will protect your hair from heat damage.
  • Sometimes, it is good to give your hair a break from heat objects as this also helps to curtail the damages. Naturally drying your hair with air is another method of preserving the health of your hair. If you apply a hair texturizer like spray or mousse, it will help to add a little shape or volume to your hair.

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