I Want to Be Professional Without Losing My Style


Although many claim that the suit does not make a man, many people see their dress code as a reflection of their personalities. In today’s society it has become quite difficult to preserve your own sense of style and originality. This issue is very expressed, especially when it comes to the ladies who are trying to balance between the societies standards and their own personal style. Business women also get acquainted with this problem, trying to respect the office dress code all the while struggling to maintain their original fashion sense. Well, here are a few tips for all those ladies caught in this enchanted circle of business-casual dress codes:


Many women use makeup to make a statement. Of course, applying makeup for the office can be a little tricky. You want your makeup to show your personality but at the same time you need to represent your company. This is where balance comes in handy. The best you can do is keep it moderate, but try and leave a personal mark. Focus on enhancing only one part of the face. For instance, darker shades of lipstick always do the trick. If you are not a fan of full lips, transfer the focus on your eyes. Just remember – keep it balanced.


A women’s hair style can say a lot about her, especially in the working space. Of course, there are certain hairstyle ideas that can convey a message but also keep that elegant and classy office look. For instance, short bob haircuts are a complete hit this year and totally give out that fierce vibe. Pixie hairstyles are also a great look, especially if you are looking for something low-maintenance. For those ladies that prefer longer hair, you need to realize that there is something empowering in the sleek low bun.


This is where the fun starts. Accessorizing is the best possible way to convey your original sense of style. A statement necklace or a nice pair of earrings can dazzle just about anyone, but make sure not to go overboard with sparkle. A quality feminine watch is a must-have for office and can really tie the whole outfit together. Other than this, try to add a simple splash of colour with a funky handbag or a colourful scarf. A headpiece can also be a good solution.

Colours and Fabric

Another great way to keep your original self in the office is to experiment with colour. Although you really do not want to look like a traffic light, you can try to combine a conservative navy black with a bright orange detail. Also, patterns can be quite useful here. Oversized geometrical shapes, dots or circles are a great idea for a casual office attire. Do not hesitate to leave your mark by combining different fabrics as well. You can find amazing dresses online that you can combine with a knitted sweater or a silk shawl.

There is no reason to play a double agent and dress differently for your job and for your personal time. There are a lot of innovative ways to show your originality even while working. The next time you start assembling your work wardrobe, keep in mind these few simple tricks.


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