Intelligent Ways to End a Bad Date


In your life you would go on several dates, some of which would be amazing and make your hearts beat a little faster while others would boring where you would know that it’s not just happening. On such bad dates you would be faced with un-talkative, racists or boring people. The best way you can make an exit without being awkward is by starting it off on a casual note. Opt for going on for drink on your first date rather than dinner or other activity. This way you can leave easily if you find the spark missing or things not working.

Listed below are a few ways as to how to end a bad date.

Creating a Deadline

A few minutes into the date and you would know exactly if you are interested or feel that the other person is just a bit too weird for you.  You can start the date with a deadline in such situations. You could politely excuse yourself by saying that you could stay only for about say half an hour as you have errands to run or have a meeting to go to. This would make it less awkward for you to leave the date.

Take the Help of Your Friends

Ask your best friend to call you right after 30-40 minutes into the date. You can pretend that the friend needs your help in case you feel that the date is going badly. Or if your friend is nearby, ask him/her to join you. This would mean that you get to socialize in case one-on-one wasn’t working well for you.

Try Playing Sick

No one is going to know if you all of a sudden start feel nauseous. Or, to be said in a much better way, try faking it. Excuse yourself to use the restroom saying that you aren’t feeling quite well and then return back after 10 minutes saying that you need to head back home.

Or much better than lying, just tell the person directly that you aren’t feeling the spark. Tell them you both could be good friends. Friend zoning, they say works really well in such situations.


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