Lacing Your Sneakers Too Tight Can Lead to Foot Pain


Some foot pains are not injuries. They are not even serious. One example is when women buy sneakers, and lace the footwear too tight. As a result, they can experience pain at the top of the foot. This type of discomfort results from inflammation of the extensor tendons.

How the Wrong Lacing Method Can Injury Your Foot

Usually extensor tendonitis is caused by using the wrong lacing technique or by wearing ill-fitting shoes. Typically, a lace will create a pressure point at the top of the foot—a pressure that often leads to swelling or bruising. In some cases, a large nodule may develop on the tendon itself.

The anatomical location of the extensor tendons makes them prone to developing inflammation because the tendon runs from the toes to the ankles just above the bones of the foot. Disturbed foot biomechanics may lead to tendonitis as well as tight calf muscles. A high foot arch will also cause this kind of foot issue if you lace your shoes incorrectly.

Not a Serious Problem

Extensor tendonitis indeed can be painful as the tendon tends to rub against the shoe with nearly every step. Nonetheless, even if the pain seems excruciating, extensor tendonitis is not considered serious.

Change the Lacing Pattern

If you lace your shoes incorrectly, you need to change your lacing pattern and loosen the laces slightly. One lacing pattern used for women’s sneakers, for instance, is called ladder lacing.

Ladder lacing is a method that is supposed to reduce pressure on the top part of the foot by preventing the laces from crossing the middle of the metatarsals. The idea is to preserve stability whilst reducing pressure on the top of the foot.

How to Ladder Lace Your High-tops

If you are wearing high-tops, strip your laces down before threading them over the top of the two eyelets on the top of the shoe. Next, take the inside lace out through the second eyelet.

A Repetitive Pattern and Process

Take the outside lace, skip the second eyelet, and bring it through the third eyelet. The inside lace should be directed over the sneaker and brought back through the second eyelet. Direct the outside lace over the sneaker and back through the third eyelet. Repeat these steps in lacing up your shoes.  The laces should cross straight over to each opposite eyelet.

Why the Ladder Pattern Is the Best Pattern to Use

The ladder lacing pattern, after a shoe is laced, looks like a ladder climbing up your shoes. This type of pattern should be followed by any woman who enjoys wearing high-top sneakers. Because this style of sneaker is a trending shoe, you want to make sure that you are lacing it correctly so you can walk comfortably and in style. Your foot should not cause you pain if you lace your sneakers properly. This specific method will ensure that you can not only walk in style but that you also won’t suffer from any foot soreness or pain.


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