Lingerie Trends – The Hot Accessories That You Need To Know About


Is a bra just an under piece for a woman? No; not anymore. These days lingerie is an equally important member of the fashion family. Updating your undergarments is not just about adding new delicate pieces of lingerie to your drawer but with the best of basics you need to have innovative and unique lingerie. You can be as daring or as demure as you like, with the current collections. The new aged sexy lingerie is wearable, practical and most importantly comfortable.

When your drawer lacks luster and has conflicting briefs or discoloured bras, it is time to toss them out and start fresh. But yet again, refreshing is not just about colour and designs, the feel-good factor after wearing it is equally important. You are going to rock with the new lingerie style and accessories, so let go of your old lingerie and start now.

With the growing popularity, here are few common trends this season:

Athletic: The influence of sports is evident in the current trend. Sports bras, cress cross straps, long and short tanks are not limited to the gym anymore. They have made it to the present lingerie trends. Whether you go to the gym or are comfortable in the active wear, there are many athletic wears to choose from. They are easy to carry and make you feel great for a fully packed day.

Lace: Lace has been the sexiest tradition of all time and it still continues to rule the current trend as well. You can find all sorts of designs, which are sure to make you want more. Few popular designs include floral prints and a mix of lace or sheer. Why mess with the most popular tradition? Get yours today.

Boy shorts: The current trend provides more modern and sexier look to the boy shorts. Panty lines are not an issue anymore. The back cuts are narrower to give you a sexy look. Just like women thongs, shorts are made from delicate fabric to show just a peak of your luscious cheek. So if it was not part of your wardrobe before then it’s time to change that now.

Sheer fabrics:  There is something alluring about the peek a boo style, isn’t it? This is why lingerie with sheer fabric is so popular and always in style. If you want more support than just the little mesh then you are lucky because sheer styles are also available in huge varieties.

Fun prints and patterns:  There are lots of colourful prints and patterns of lingerie in the current collection. Don’t shy away from trying out checks, floral, plaids and many other designs. The styles to choose from in prints are massive and to be honest, really cute.

Expanding your lingerie collection does not have to happen overnight. Make the process fun and evolve your personal style and taste.  Lingerie comes with comfort, quality, design and style that is specific to women’s body. With the fabulous collection you will never need to settle for something less than what you deserve.



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