Love Shopping for Designer Footwear and Accessories- Beware of Debt


Every woman in the world has a soft corner for designer footwear and accessories and I am dead sure you’re one of them!!!! Who doesn’t wish to have a closet decked with designer boots and peep toes, a dress column simply assigned for handbags from Gucci, Versace and Fossil? Well, it is the deep dark desire of every girl in the world to own one. And often women in their addiction to own these top notch brands go out of the budget and spend a fortune on it.

Owning a wardrobe with top shoe brands of the world like Stuart Weitzman, Miu Miu, Gucci, Brian Atwood, Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton and Walter Steiger is surely a dream to come true. Apart from celebs, it is a big thing for every common girl in the world to own one. And, if you have that sheer love for footwear of the best brands and you really wish to own a big collection, then you need to have an income for the same. Apart from this, there is no other way in the world that could give you the rightful ownership of these brand footwear and accessories unless someone gifts you one!

If you have seen serials like MTV Cribs or other reality TV shows based on luxurious housewives and TV celebs, you may have every idea of how the world’s rich and renowned women spend more money on accessories and shoes that merely anyone of us could make in a year and they the keep the shoes in closets which are larger than apartments of the common masses. This is what you call the addiction for shoes and accessories which surely isn’t nice for the medium strata of society.

But, how much exactly is the top shoe brands worth? Well, you can possibly never guess the rates of the hoard of shoes. It is just the secret that the heiress of the shoes knows. If you are sincere about your love for accessories and shoes, then you probably cannot rely on the credit card for all your shopping. It is better to go with cash money to shop. This will eventually not overburden your monthly bill and stand arrears on your credit card. You can also shop for the designer shoes and handbags while they’re at a discount. You can go for off season sale and buy them at half the price. Another remarkable idea is to go for second hand purchase. Look out for second hand designer footwear online and you’ll surely get them at a lower rate.

With these options, you cannot just fulfill your desire to own a designer accessory or shoe collection, but also keep your pocket safe. Going off the charts for designer items isn’t a good decision. It will eventually dump into a big pool of debt. However, if by any chance you become a victim of debt, then you can always file for a debt consolidation application. There are several online companies offering consolidation programs. Visit here to learn more about it.


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