LuLaRoe Randy Size Chart For The Big Girls


About LuLaRoe

 LuLaRoe is a clothing company based in Corona, California that produces and markets fashion garments through an independent salesforice. It was founded in 2012 by Deane Brady who first made a long dress for her daughter, which ended up being loved by her friends so much that she got another fifty orders. After that, it just kind of skyrocketed and in no time, she couldn’t handle the demand for her garments. She then came up with a brilliant plan of selling her product directly through independent distributors and social media. It blossomed into one of the world’s largest in this realm, grossing a total annual revenue of over one billion dollars in 2016! By that time, the company had around eighty thousand distributors working for her. A year after, they were sued by many unsatisfied customers and their business took a serious plummet, from which they’re still recovering.


Discover the LuLaRoe Randy Size Chart

The LuLaRoe Randy size chart consists of 14 different sizes ranging from xxs to 3xl and offers plenty of leeway to find that piece that fits just perfectly on you. This is especially prominent in the larger sized models ranging from 16 to 26 or large to 3x large. The line consists of seven main different size models: The Classic tee, the Irma tunic, there is the Perfect tee, the Randy tee, Lynnae top, the Gigi top and finally the Amy top with all models available through the entire LuLaRoe size chart. The most common problem with chubby girls is if they find the right size dress, the choice is often scarce, and LuLaRoe pioneered budget friendly clothes with a desirable look and they were sold by your Facebook friends.

The company’s models are often produced in brightly colored patterns, and they are more or less all limited edition, meaning when the specific pattern is sold out it generally doesn’t return on sale. This way, they give their products more desirability, as we can see girls ten years from now showing of their limited edition vintage 2014 LuLaRoe which can’t be bought any more. The larger models of the LuLaRoe size chart are not meant for supermodels, but rather normal everyday girls next door who like to eat a little more. Is that a bad thing? I call it good marketing as more than 40% Americans are considered overweight. Why wouldn’t they be able to make a fashion statement?

Lastly, one great advantage of the the LuLaRoe Randy Size Chart is that it does not only focus on the sizes but also the styles. This is because LuLaRoe believes that different styles fit different people differently. Therefore, the mere fact that you are the same size as the girl next door doesn’t necessarily mean you will wear the same style even if the sizes are similar. The company’s website has outlined various styles you could check out and see how such styles match with your body size.


Imagine starting your own fashion line and in five years making a billion dollar business out of it. Sounds like a dream come true. How can it possibly go wrong? As most mom-and-pop shops tend to stay small and focus on delivering a lovingly made product to their community, large businesses often suffer from the mass production syndrome, where quantity overrides quality by a mile.

Many satisfied customers gave posted great reviews on LuLaRoe’s product, lauding its reputation, and rightfully so because the company has succeeded in its primary mission – that of making big girls have an easy ride shopping for clothing items.


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