Men’s Guide Through Choosing a Leather Wallet


A real man that takes care of his appearance and he cannot afford to be seen without a stylish wallet if he wants to leave the right impression. Now, not all wallets were created equal, and different models serve different purposes and should be used on specific occasions.

Before we start, let’s get one thing out of the way first – you should never, not in your life, allow yourself to be seen carrying a synthetic, nylon wallet if you want to be thought of as an adult rather than an overgrown teenager.

Now that you’ve thrown away your favorite childhood wallet with a twinkling tear in your eye, let’s move on to the key steps when choosing a manly, leather wallet.

The dimensions

You can find leather wallets in almost any shape and size. Different dimensions will suit different occasions, and a bigger, robust wallet is more suited to complement a casual Friday-night outfit, while a sleek, thin credit card wallet will follow the lines and contours of your elegant suit perfectly. Or, if you’re traveling internationally, then something like a long or a passport wallet would be best.

The leather

There are three major types of leather wallets: those made of cow leather, those made of alligator skin, and those who pretend to be made out of one or the other. You can easily avoid buying a leather wannabe by inspecting the wallet for the presence of its distinctive leathery smell (or a lack thereof) and the weight that only real leather has.

Cow leather wallets are the most common type of wallets on the market, and they are usually very sleek, durable and they can be sophisticated and rugged, or even both at the same time. While quality cow leather wallets do come from all corners of the world, there is absolutely nothing that surpasses the elegance and craftsmanship of Italian wallets.

And speaking of craftsmanship, it doesn’t take an expert to recognize an alligator wallet, and it certainly doesn’t take much for a refined piece like that to symbolize wealth, status, and power. That being said, every wallet has its intended use, and you shouldn’t be flashing your alligator piece of art around at a first date or at a charity – so choose wisely.

When buying an alligator wallet, you should know that they don’t come cheap, and that there are numerous knockoffs on the market, often indistinguishable from the originals, so take caution and only buy from trusted brands.

The color and the finish

Leather wallets come in many different hues, some are lighter and some are darker, and you should have one to suit every occasion. Remember the sacred trinity of style – the belt matches the shoes and the watch both in color and finish. Now imagine wearing sleek brown wingtips with a complementary belt and watch and pulling out a black wallet from your coat. Exactly, not very elegant.

Therefore, don’t think about your wallet as just an accessory, think about it as an inseparable part of your wardrobe, one that could make or break your appearance.

Choosing the perfect wallet doesn’t have to be hard work, it should be fun and rewarding. The key is having a collection of similar, yet different leather wallets for any occasion. And if your wardrobe is a reflection of your personality, which it should be, then the same principle applies to your wallet collection – choose only those pieces that best complement your values, accentuate your strengths and complete the image you’re trying to present.



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