My New Favorite Product for Lips


This lipstick will have you keep coming back for more.

Hey girls, if you are like me then you love putting lipstick on but hate it coming off constantly! At $10-30 a color, price adds up quickly and it comes off anytime your lips touch something.  Finally my friend who is a distributor for Senegence talked to my about a lipstick product that lasts for hours.

So… what is it and what’s it called?!  Lipsense.  You have 3 layers to apply so not as quick and easy as typical lipstick BUT it stays on!  It literally is smudgeproof.  You can kiss boys and get away with it, drink from cups and not leave behind a ugly stain.  It costs around $20-25 a color and you need another applicator so to get started is going to cost more than normal lip balms but it is definitely worth it!  They have over 80 colors now to choose from so they are racking up the choices available.

If you want to check out Lipsense and learn more about it in depth go to this site.  They review it and give more information about it.  For now I just thought I would pass on the good news and let you know you have options out there other than typical lipstick.

Other than that, let me know if you have any fashion tips or will be doing anything fun this weekend.  I always like to reach out to my readers and get involved with your personal style.  If you end up using lipsense, let me know how it goes and if it worked for you as it has hundreds of ladies so far.


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