Plus Size Fashion Made Easy


Today’s women often have difficulty finding fashionable clothing for their size because most of the leading brands don’t have a section for bigger sizes. So, what do you do if you are a fashionable plus size girl who just wants to keep up with the latest trends?

Finding a plus size online boutique is the easiest way to solve this problem as there are many hip and stylish boutiques that are selling high quality plus size clothing. One such boutique is Eccentrics Boutique in Carterville, Illinois. They offer a great collection of clothing and accessories for all shapes and sizes.

When picking out clothes for your body type, it is important to determine which trends that are in style right now and which are timeless staples you can build your wardrobe around. Depending on what cuts and silhouettes look the best on you, pick out the latest in fashion and make sure to style it in your own way.

Many plus size women also feel that dressing in fashionable clothes isn’t in the cards for them and they should just stick to plain clothing to hide their curves, but this is far from true!  Find a way to embrace your curves, and find styles that are flattering to your body shape. Here are some quick tips to make plus size fashion less daunting.

Don’t wear baggy clothing

Find clothes that fit you well and aren’t too tight either. If you aren’t comfortable with showing your silhouette, then go for dresses and tops that are loose at the tummy but fit well on the shoulders.

Stripes aren’t the enemy

Yes, big, horizontal lines can make anyone self-conscious, but there are ways to use stripes to your advantage as well. If you are tired of trying vertical stripes, go for abstract stripes that provide a slender look.  For instance, stripes that angle inwards help in slimming your waistline.

Prints and monochrome

Don’t believe people who say big and bold prints will attract unwanted attention to your abdomen area. Brightly colored printed tops can do just the opposite and draw attention away from areas you want to hide. Monochrome is your friend but you should use it in moderation. It works wonders by creating one long, lean, continual line and making you look slim.

Get rid of the notion that plus size women are bound by certain style guidelines.  Embrace your beauty and become a fashionista by heading on over to a plus size online boutique like Eccentrics Boutique!


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