Points To Remember When Buying The Jewellery


Both genders love wearing costly jewellery on special occasions while the females love doing so at all times. Honest and experienced Jewellers in Essex are the entities that facilitate good ornaments.

Top considerations – Those wishing to buy jewellery should first assess their exact needs. Few of them could be interested to own golden ornaments while others may prefer wearing the ones made from silver or diamonds etc. So it is good to make a list of the items and the concerned materials before moving into the market. Following points should be focused upon while doing so:

  1. Piousness – As most of us are interested in golden ornaments so they should know its purity level. The gold with 24 karats is considered to be 99.9 per cent pure while 92% is the purity level of the one with 22 karats. Jewellers generally recommend 14, 18 or 22 karat levels for making golden ornaments. Hallmarked jewellery has banged the market in recent times as the state authorities bestow licenses to the agencies that are authorised to test the stuff.
  2. Making charges – Prices of gold jewellery are inclusive of the labour charges since charged by the jewellers. So it is good to check the same when you buy any type of jewellery from them. Stay away from the jewellers that include hidden charges in their bills.
  3. Man-made versus machine-made jewellery: Gone are the days when the jewellers used to put in their best efforts to make the ornaments. Introduction of automatic machines in this field has eased the task in a big way. Large numbers of jewellery lovers prefer wearing ornaments that are made with machines. Labour charges in terms of machine-made ornaments could be somewhat lower than the ones made by hand.
  4. Sale periods – It is a fact that the sale of jewels goes up considerably in festivals and other auspicious seasons. Women are crazy about wearing ornaments on marriages and other events that boost the sale figures in the market. Be wise to choose the best sale periods when you can buy the ornaments at cheap prices.
  5. Weight – Check the weight of the ornaments that you buy. It is this quantum by which the cost of the jewellery is assessed. You will have to pay higher prices for buying heavier items while the one with lighter weights is certain to cost less.
  6. Costing – Please focus on the price of the ornaments and your pocket. Do emphasize on piousness. Avoid buying from the jeweller that boasts of selling the ornaments at the lowest price as he or she may dupe you with poor stuff. Pay genuinely and buy good jewellery.

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